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Dance Instruction Items with MARC Digital Object Information
and Related Sample Handle Resolutions

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Explanatory Notes (Please Read!)   Item 107   (LCCN 22-4143)
Item 017   (LCCN 21-15563)   Item 145   (LCCN 43-39942)
Item 031   (LCCN 27-13078)   Illustrative Diagram

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Explanatory Notes     (These notes apply to all items)

About this document:  The LC items included in this document are part of An American Ballroom Companion: Dance Instruction Manuals, ca. 1600-1920, a digital compilation that will be mounted on the LC World Wide Web site in the near future. Several fields have been added to the MARC bibliographic record for each of these items, including the 856 to indicate the location and persistent identifier (handle) of the item's digital "incarnation." This document shows what each item's MARC record looks like and illustrates what the persistent identifier might resolve to in LC's Handle Service.

Metaobjects:  The metaobject contains information about digital content derived from an LC collection item. However the metaobject itself does not hold actual digital content. Such content is carried in subordinate digital objects referred to as digital content objects. For the foreseeable future, the metaobject handle will resolve to a CGI bin script that will return the standard display presented when a user clicks on an item's entry in an American Memory search result list.

Common Gateway Interface (CGI) BIN Script:  As indicated above, metaobject handles will initially resolve to a CGI bin script. This script will present an item as it would be displayed following selection from an American Memory search result list. Once the LC digital repository and structural metadata for LC digital objects have been implemented, however, this will change. Metaobject handles will then resolve either to a display informing the user of the specific types of content that are associated with the metaobject or to metadata that will allow the requesting browser to format its own presentation.

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