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Philippine Bibliography
Compiled by the Asian Division of the Library of Congress, this classified bibliography consists of approximately 5000 entries for monographic works about the Philippines in all languages held by the Library (read an introduction)
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  1. General Bibliographic Access and General Reference Works
  2. General Research Guides for Travelers and Scholars
  3. Motion Pictures and Photographs
  4. Maps and Oceanography
  5. Population and Human Settlements
  6. Ethnic Groups
  7. Communications Media, Publishing and Printing
  8. General Biographies and Genealogy
  9. History
  10. The Society: Its cultural and Social Life
  11. Language
  12. Philosophy and Religion
  13. Agriculture
  14. Economics
  15. Government and Politics
  16. The Legal System
  17. Foreign Relations and International Economics
  18. Education
  19. Arts
  20. Literature
  21. Science and Technology
  22. Psychology, Health, and Medicine
  23. Filipinos in the Diaspora

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Captions for the images: (left) Street scene in Manila, Philippines; (right) Pasig River at Manila [1898-1910?], Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress.

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June 17, 2003
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