A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation: U.S. Congressional Documents and Debates, 1774-1875

Statutes at Large, 9th Congress, 1st Session, Pages 59 through 62

Private Acts of the Ninth Congress, Session I

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February 21, 1806 ~ March 28, 1806
Repeal of 4th sec. of act of June 25, 1798, ch. 59.
Statute I.
Stephen B. Balsh, &c. made a corporation or body politic.
Their style and title.
Corporation made capable of holding and alienating property, &c

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March 28, 1806
Made capable of suing or being sued, &c.
Authority to use a common seal.
Annual meetings of the congregation for the choice of trustees, &c.
Suitable books to be kept by the trustees
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March 28, 1806 ~ April 15, 1806 ~ April 21, 1806
Statute I.
Specific appropriation.
Statute I.
Sum to be paid to him.
Act of Oct. 31, 1803, ch. 1.
Statute I.
$3 per day to every witness who attended the trial of Samuel Chase, &c.
Secretary of the senate to ascertain and certify the amount due to each witness, &c.
$6,000 appropriated to defray the expenses incurred under this act, &c
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April 21, 1806
Statute I.
$2400 appropriated.
Statute I.
A town to be laid out by the Governor and Judges of Michigan, &c.
Lots to be given to actual settlers of Detroit when it was burnt, if citizen of U. S.
Land undisposed of according to preceding section to be sold by the Governor and Judges