Detroit Publishing Company Photographs

Locations Represented in the Collection

This list provides an interim overview of the geographical distribution of images in the Detroit Publishing Company collection. For example, it clearly indicates that the largest number of photographs were made in the eastern United States and that, even within the East, some states are far better covered than others.

At this time, the list is not hyperlinked to the collection's bibliographic database and users will have to key in search terms for themselves.

Users should note that the Library's current implementation of Inquery search software does not yet support searches limited to specific catalog fields, e.g., the field in which place names are found.

For these reasons, a user wishing to find all of the photographs from a given state may have to execute a series of searches that combine the state name and an additional word or term. Users are warned that the collection includes large numbers of photographs of naval vessels and other ships, many of which are named for states and cities. Users are also warned that, since the Detroit Publishing Company created the photographs, any search that uses the noun Detroit will summon every photograph in the collection.

United States

Alabama                             118

Arizona                              11

Arkansas                             58

California                          126

Colorado                             70

Connecticut                         158

Delaware                             55

District of Columbia                386

Florida                             941

Georgia                             187

Hawaii                                2

Idaho                                 2

Illinois                            408

Indiana                             113

Iowa                                  9

Kansas                               21

Kentucky                             63

Louisiana                           302

Maine                               343

Maryland                            211

Massachusetts                     1,748

Michigan                          2,816

Minnesota                           261

Mississippi                         165

Missouri                             39

Montana                               2

Nevada                                1

New Hampshire                       841

New Jersey                          555

New Mexico                           15

New York                          4,408

North Carolina                       80

Ohio                                722

Oregon                                1

Pennsylvania                        728

Rhode Island                        111

South Carolina                      192

South Dakota                          2

Tennessee                           153

Texas                                 7

Utah                                  6

Vermont                             239

Washington                            9

West Virginia                        43

Wisconsin                           183

Wyoming                               4

Other Locations


     Alberta                         76

     British Columbia                90

     Ontario                        351

     Quebec                         112 

     Vancouver                       11

Cuba                                292

Mexico                              454

Panama                               46

Puerto Rico                          41

West Indies                         132

Detroit Publishing Company Photographs