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Code Table Japanese Hiragana and Katakana

December 2007

This table contains 172 mappings of character encodings for Japanese Hiragana and Katakana from the East Asian Coded Character set (ANSI/NISO Z39.64, or "EACC") to character encodings in the Universal Character Set (UCS, ISO-IEC 10646)/Unicode. Character codes are given in hexadecimal notation. Each character is presented on a separate row. The first column contains the MARC-8 EACC 24-bit code (in hex), the second column contains the corresponding UCS/Unicode 16-bit code (in hex), the third column contains the UTF-8 code (in hex) for the UCS character, the fourth column contains a representation of the character (where possible), the fifth column contains a character name or description.

Not all characters display in all browsers. We have attempted to allow for font families that show each character set, but you must have one of these fonts on your computer. See the W3C site for a discussion of fonts:

69213C30FCE383BCVowel elongation mark for kana
6924213041E38181Hiragana letter small A
6924223042E38182Hiragana letter A
6924233043E38183Hiragana letter small I
6924243044E38184Hiragana letter I
6924253045E38185Hiragana letter small U
6924263046E38186Hiragana letter U
6924273047E38187Hiragana letter small E
6924283048E38188Hiragana letter E
6924293049E38189Hiragana letter small O
69242A304AE3818AHiragana letter O
69242B304BE3818BHiragana letter KA
69242C304CE3818CHiragana letter GA
69242D304DE3818DHiragana letter KI
69242E304EE3818EHiragana letter GI
69242F304FE3818FHiragana letter KU
6924303050E38190Hiragana letter GU
6924313051E38191Hiragana letter KE
6924323052E38192Hiragana letter GE
6924333053E38193Hiragana letter KO
6924343054E38194Hiragana letter GO
6924353055E38195Hiragana letter SA
6924363056E38196Hiragana letter ZA
6924373057E38197Hiragana letter SI
6924383058E38198Hiragana letter ZI
6924393059E38199Hiragana letter SU
69243A305AE3819AHiragana letter ZU
69243B305BE3819BHiragana letter SE
69243C305CE3819CHiragana letter ZE
69243D305DE3819DHiragana letter SO
69243E305EE3819EHiragana letter ZO
69243F305FE3819FHiragana letter TA
6924403060E381A0Hiragana letter DA
6924413061E381A1Hiragana letter TI
6924423062E381A2Hiragana letter DI
6924433063E381A3Hiragana letter small TU
6924443064E381A4Hiragana letter TU
6924453065E381A5Hiragana letter DU
6924463066E381A6Hiragana letter TE
6924473067E381A7Hiragana letter DE
6924483068E381A8Hiragana letter TO
6924493069E381A9Hiragana letter DO
69244A306AE381AAHiragana letter NA
69244B306BE381ABHiragana letter NI
69244C306CE381ACHiragana letter NU
69244D306DE381ADHiragana letter NE
69244E306EE381AEHiragana letter NO
69244F306FE381AFHiragana letter HA
6924503070E381B0Hiragana letter BA
6924513071E381B1Hiragana letter PA
6924523072E381B2Hiragana letter HI
6924533073E381B3Hiragana letter BI
6924543074E381B4Hiragana letter PI
6924553075E381B5Hiragana letter HU
6924563076E381B6Hiragana letter BU
6924573077E381B7Hiragana letter PU
6924583078E381B8Hiragana letter HE
6924593079E381B9Hiragana letter BE
69245A307AE381BAHiragana letter PE
69245B307BE381BBHiragana letter HO
69245C307CE381BCHiragana letter BO
69245D307DE381BDHiragana letter PO
69245E307EE381BEHiragana letter MA
69245F307FE381BFHiragana letter MI
6924603080E38280Hiragana letter MU
6924613081E38281Hiragana letter ME
6924623082E38282Hiragana letter MO
6924633083E38283Hiragana letter small YA
6924643084E38284Hiragana letter YA
6924653085E38285Hiragana letter small YU
6924663086E38286Hiragana letter YU
6924673087E38287Hiragana letter small YO
6924683088E38288Hiragana letter YO
6924693089E38289Hiragana letter RA
69246A308AE3828AHiragana letter RI
69246B308BE3828BHiragana letter RU
69246C308CE3828CHiragana letter RE
69246D308DE3828DHiragana letter RO
69246E308EE3828EHiragana letter small WA
69246F308FE3828FHiragana letter WA
6924703090E38290Hiragana letter WI
6924713091E38291Hiragana letter WE
6924723092E38292Hiragana letter WO
6924733093E38293Hiragana letter N
69252130A1E382A1Katakana letter small A
69252230A2E382A2Katakana letter A
69252330A3E382A3Katakana letter small I
69252430A4E382A4Katakana letter I
69252530A5E382A5Katakana letter small U
69252630A6E382A6Katakana letter U
69252730A7E382A7Katakana letter small E
69252830A8E382A8Katakana letter E
69252930A9E382A9Katakana letter small O
69252A30AAE382AAKatakana letter O
69252B30ABE382ABKatakana letter KA
69252C30ACE382ACKatakana letter GA
69252D30ADE382ADKatakana letter KI
69252E30AEE382AEKatakana letter GI
69252F30AFE382AFKatakana letter KU
69253030B0E382B0Katakana letter GU
69253130B1E382B1Katakana letter KE
69253230B2E382B2Katakana letter GE
69253330B3E382B3Katakana letter KO
69253430B4E382B4Katakana letter GO
69253530B5E382B5Katakana letter SA
69253630B6E382B6Katakana letter ZA
69253730B7E382B7Katakana letter SI
69253830B8E382B8Katakana letter ZI
69253930B9E382B9Katakana letter SU
69253A30BAE382BAKatakana letter ZU
69253B30BBE382BBKatakana letter SE
69253C30BCE382BCKatakana letter ZE
69253D30BDE382BDKatakana letter SO
69253E30BEE382BEKatakana letter ZO
69253F30BFE382BFKatakana letter TA
69254030C0E38380Katakana letter DA
69254130C1E38381Katakana letter TI
69254230C2E38382Katakana letter DI
69254330C3E38383Katakana letter small TU
69254430C4E38384Katakana letter TU
69254530C5E38385Katakana letter DU
69254630C6E38386Katakana letter TE
69254730C7E38387Katakana letter DE
69254830C8E38388Katakana letter TO
69254930C9E38389Katakana letter DO
69254A30CAE3838AKatakana letter NA
69254B30CBE3838BKatakana letter NI
69254C30CCE3838CKatakana letter NU
69254D30CDE3838DKatakana letter NE
69254E30CEE3838EKatakana letter NO
69254F30CFE3838FKatakana letter HA
69255030D0E38390Katakana letter BA
69255130D1E38391Katakana letter PA
69255230D2E38392Katakana letter HI
69255330D3E38393Katakana letter BI
69255430D4E38394Katakana letter PI
69255530D5E38395Katakana letter HU
69255630D6E38396Katakana letter BU
69255730D7E38397Katakana letter PU
69255830D8E38398Katakana letter HE
69255930D9E38399Katakana letter BE
69255A30DAE3839AKatakana letter PE
69255B30DBE3839BKatakana letter HO
69255C30DCE3839CKatakana letter BO
69255D30DDE3839DKatakana letter PO
69255E30DEE3839EKatakana letter MA
69255F30DFE3839FKatakana letter MI
69256030E0E383A0Katakana letter MU
69256130E1E383A1Katakana letter ME
69256230E2E383A2Katakana letter MO
69256330E3E383A3Katakana letter small YA
69256430E4E383A4Katakana letter YA
69256530E5E383A5Katakana letter small YU
69256630E6E383A6Katakana letter YU
69256730E7E383A7Katakana letter small YO
69256830E8E383A8Katakana letter YO
69256930E9E383A9Katakana letter RA
69256A30EAE383AAKatakana letter RI
69256B30EBE383ABKatakana letter RU
69256C30ECE383ACKatakana letter RE
69256D30EDE383ADKatakana letter RO
69256E30EEE383AEKatakana letter small WA
69256F30EFE383AFKatakana letter WA
69257030F0E383B0Katakana letter WI
69257130F1E383B1Katakana letter WE
69257230F2E383B2Katakana letter WO
69257330F3E383B3Katakana letter N
69257430F4E383B4Katakana letter VU
69257530F5E383B5Katakana letter small KA
69257630F6E383B6Katakana letter small KE
692577309BE3829BKatakana-hiragana voiced sound mark
692578309CE3829CKatakana-hiragana semi-voiced sound mark

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