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Community Roots: Selections from the Local Legacies Project
Collage of Local Legacies
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Howard Perkins and son with their traditional dory, Miss Kiwanda, July 1999
Howard Perkins and son with their traditional dory, Miss Kiwanda  , July 18, 1999. In the background is Haystack Rock, launching site for traditional dories. Photo: Laura R. Marcus

Pacific City Dorying Traditions

Each year, during the third weekend in July, dorymen from the Pacific City area celebrate the Cape Kiwanda, Oregon, dorying tradition.

Early or traditional-style Cape Kiwanda dories are flat-bottomed, double-ended boats, pointed at the bow and stern, so that they can easily ride the waves. Fishermen, who practice the dorying tradition, go out in pairs, and row with long spruce oars in synchronized motions. Most contemporary dories are powered with motor engines. Dorymen still go out in pairs, but the traditional rowing skill is practiced by few, on rare occasions.

During the festival, called Dory Days, a parade kicks off the celebration wending through Pacific City. The parade comprises individuals on horseback or foot, floats and dorys, both traditional and motorized. As traditional dories pass by, they receive loud applause from the crowd and are lauded by the parade emcee.

During the festival, members of the Traditional Dorymen's Association meet to share stories and to discuss preservation of the skill and trade; and new members are inducted into the Oregon League for the Deification and Protection of Historic and Rare Dories. Other festival activities include a dory race, arts and crafts booths, and a fish fry.

Documentation includes a six-page report, essay, 14 slides, a newspaper clipping, and an Oregon Folklife brochure.

Originally submitted by: Ron Wyden,Senator.

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