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Collage of Local Legacies
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Jodi Chastian, Sisters Rodeo Queen, 1999
Jodi Chastian, Sisters Rodeo Queen Photo: Charles Eaton, 1999

Sisters PRCA Rodeo

Every year on the second weekend in June, the small town of Sisters in central Oregon, saddles up for one of the most popular rodeos on the West Coast circuit. One of the most beautiful venues for any rodeo in the United States, the rodeo arena is on the edge of rolling pine-forested hills, which extend west to scenic peaks of the Three Sisters mountains.

The Sisters Rodeo offers competitors the opportunity for tallying points early in the rodeo season, along with big purses and bonus winnings. Because of the big purses, cowboys long ago dubbed Sisters "The Biggest Little Show in the World."

Every rodeo begins with the Wild Horse Race, with four-man teams attempting to saddle and ride unbroken broncs in a race to the end of the arena. Other rodeo events include team roping, saddle and bareback bronc riding, barrel racing, calf roping and bull riding.

Sisters also includes non-rodeo activities. The Sisters Stampede, a 10 K foot race around the town of Sisters, benefits the cross-country program at Sisters High School. There is a parade and western dancing with a live country-and-western band. A Buckaroo Breakfast is served outdoors at the rodeo grounds on Sunday morning.

The 60th annual Sisters Rodeo, set for June 2000, will be held on the Sisters rodeo grounds. Two special performances are scheduled featuring Friesian horses, an ancient Dutch breed of horses known for their high-stepping movement and luxurious appearance.

Project documentation includes 12 color snapshots, two videos, programs from the 1993, 1994, 1997, 1998, and 1999 rodeo, a Sisters Visitors Guide, six posters, 1996 and 1997 rodeo pins, a press release on the 2000 rodeo, information on the Sisters Rodeo Board of Directors, and a specially issued beer chit for the 2000 rodeo.

Originally submitted by: Greg Walden, Representative (2nd District).

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