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Community Roots: Selections from the Local Legacies Project
Collage of Local Legacies
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Limber Jim answers questions on the Limberlost Swamp at Nature Day
Limber Jim, portrayed by Ken Brunswick, tells visitors about his life in Adams and Jay Counties during pioneer times and answers questions about the Limberlost Swamp. Photo courtesy of Swiss Heritage Society

Limberlost's Nature Day

This celebration is held each June in Geneva, Indiana, at the Limberlost State Historic Park to promote the conservation of natural resources so encouraged by Gene Stratton-Porter, an Indiana native who wrote eleven novels and nine nature books, including the best-selling Freckles and A Girl of the Limberlost. Her love of nature and the importance of nature to her characters both spiritually and physically foreshadowed the concerns of the environmental movement today.

Ms. Porter deplored the loss of natural habitat and warned of ecological consequences of deforestation and wetland drainage. Nature Day features speakers who focus on the value of preserving wildlife habitat and on the wise use of natural resources. Special emphasis is given to nature studies at Loblolly Marsh Wetland Preserve on Nature Day. Nature Day includes tours of Limberlost State Historic Site by van, wagon or hikes and nature gifts for sale at craft booths. As the public becomes more aware of the ecological value of wetlands, Nature Day should continue to be an important educational event at Limberlost State Historic Site.

Project materials include newspaper articles and a newsletter article; four pages of text; a flyer; five photographs on disk; and a video "Voice of the Limberlost."

Originally submitted by: Mark E. Souder, Representative (4th District).

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