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Community Roots: Selections from the Local Legacies Project
Collage of Local Legacies
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Photo of an eagle by Mike Logan
"An eagle's watch" Photo: Mike Logan from his book Montana Is...

Montana Is...

A book of poetry illustrated with original photographs by cowboy poet Mike Logan. The book came to be as an afterthought: Logan wanted to share some of the beauty he had been privileged to see and photograph in his 21 years living in Montana. In his introduction to the book, Logan asserts: "I love everything about Montana....I still feel like I'm spending every day in heaven." Montana Is... was also issued as a video, a roundup of Logan's visual impressions of Big Sky Country, its ranch life, scenic beauty and spectacular wildlife.

Logan first moved to Montana in the 1968, and in the ensuing years, he has spent many days in its wilds, hunting and photographing this "marvelous big-skied state." Logan's keen insight and expansive western spirit have won him national acclaim, and he has been the featured poet at cowboy poetry gatherings throughout the U.S. and Canada. In 1991, he was a guest on John Denver's television special "Montana Christmas Skies." His words and photography have appeared in numerous books, magazines and calendars. Often inspired by the paintings of the great cowboy artist Charles Russell, Logan's poems reflect his deepest vision of what "Montana is...."

Project materials include the book and video, as well as two audio tapes from the trilogy of cowboy poetry, Bronc to Breakfast, Laugh Kills Lonesome, and Men of the Open Range.

Originally submitted by: Max Baucus, Senator.

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