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Community Roots: Selections from the Local Legacies Project
Collage of Local Legacies
Two boys in sleeping bags at the "Ghosting," June 1998
Two boys in sleeping bags at the Ghosting, June 1998. Photo: Janel Huelskamp

Nebraska Storytelling Festival (Omaha)

Held the last weekend in June at the College of Saint Mary in Omaha, this event includes four rounds of storytelling workshops and five storytelling sessions that are open to the public. To make the event accessible to all members of the community and to educate the audience about other cultures, an ethnic mix of storytellers is presented. Several tellers of national prominence are mingled with accomplished regional tellers, and there are workshops and telling times for children, with emphasis on particular genres such as ghost stories in a night-time "Ghosting" session. Attendees receive academic and library recertification credit according to their level of participation. First held in 1987 and attended by 50 to 60 people, the original festival was the creation of four storytelling librarians. Twelve years later attendance was 1,800. In keeping with their mission of creating storytelling opportunities for all communities across the state, the festival's current producers also co-produce other telling events and workshops in Kearney, Omaha, and Lincoln. The festival is documented in text, photographs, a videotape, and two audio cassettes.

Originally submitted by: J. Robert Kerrey, Senator.

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The Local Legacies project provides a "snapshot" of American Culture as it was expressed in spring of 2000. Consequently, it is not being updated with new or revised information with the exception of "Related Website" links.

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