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Community Roots: Selections from the Local Legacies Project
Collage of Local Legacies
Two girls doing experiment with static electricity at LSC
Two young ladies are "electrified" at the results of an experiment at the LSC "Camp-In," Feb. 5, 2000. Photo: Anita Brandolini

Liberty Science Center "Camp-In's" Program

Located at one end of Liberty State Park with its splendid views of the skyline of lower Manhattan and of the Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Science Center (LSC) is built upon land once the site of terminal facilities for the Jersey Central Railroad, a business created to serve the needs of industry in the 1800s. It is fitting that land designed to serve the needs of an industrial economy of the 19th century now holds a facility to open the minds of those who visit it to the world of science and technology in the 21st century.

Since opening its doors in 1993, the Liberty Science Center has initiated numerous programs to open the worlds of science to the curious minds of children. One such program is the Camp-In. Generally open to groups such as classes, church groups, scout troops, or youth organizations, the Camp-In opens at 6:00 p.m., and involves an overnight stay at the LSC.

From 6:00 PM to 11:30 PM guests are treated to an 'open exploration' of the exhibit halls, where there are demonstrations of scientific principles and activities experimenting with technology keyed to the age-level of the guests. The following morning, breakfast is served at 7:30 am, followed by the final event: a movie in the LSC's IMAX theater.

The LSC Camp-In is designed to serve two purposes: (1) to give children a unique "camping" experience, without the pitfalls of the outdoor variety; (2) to give children the opportunity to inspect interactive exhibits, demonstrations, and activities at the LSC at their own pace. LSC has offered a multitude of exhibits on a wide latitude of subjects ranging from robotics to rabbits; energy sources both known and experimental; and fish of the Atlantic Ocean. Many exhibits change throughout the year, presenting guests with additional areas of the vast universe of science to explore.

In 2000, LSC will hold 33 Camp-Ins, many with up to 600 guests. For the first time, the Center will have one Camp-In available for the general public, opening to guests not affiliated with any particular organization.

Project documentation includes eight pages of text and sixteen color photographs.

Originally submitted by: Donald M. Payne, Representative (10th District).

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