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Cassette tape cover illustration from "Buckeye Hills & Bramblewood"
Cassette tape cover illustration from Roger and Mary Gilmore's recording of Buckeye Hills & Bramblewood

Buckeye Hills & Bramblewood (Song)

Inspired by Ohio's diverse beauty, rich culture, and vivid history, long-time Ohio resident and musician, Roger Gilmore, composed the music and lyrics of this song as a tribute to the state and for all Ohioans to enjoy. Through the use of colorful imagery, metaphor and musical accompaniment, his music paints a picture of the state that lies "between the flatlands and the river" and stretches from the "great lake to the rolling hills."

Since 1978, Gilmore and his wife, Mary, have been touring the state and West Virginia performing a program, "Sweet Mountain Sound: Music and Folklore of Appalachia," which is a compilation of traditional regional music, stories, tall tales, and folk lore with humor, and Roger's original songs.

Gilmore had already written several songs referring to either the Ohio River Valley or Meigs County when he was encouraged by Congressman Strickland and his wife, and others, to compose a song about Ohio that might help bolster tourism. Meeting the challenge, Gilmore wrote the words and music for "Buckeye Hills & Bramblewood." The song was added to the Gilmores repertory, and became one of the most requested songs both in and outside Ohio.

A grassroots campaign is underway to make "Buckeye Hills & Bramblewood" the official song for the Ohio Bicentennial in 2003.

Documentation includes a text report, written lyrics, and a recording of the song.

Originally submitted by: Ted Strickland, Representative (6th District).

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