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Community Roots: Selections from the Local Legacies Project
Collage of Local Legacies
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Reading in Child Development, November 5, 1999
Reading in Child Development from the Dawn to Dusk  series of photographs Photo: Julianna L. Hunter, November 5, 1999

Ohio University - Southeastern Ohio and the World

Ohio University was founded in 1804 and became the first institution for higher learning in the old Northwest Territory.

One of nation's fundamental documents, The Northwest Ordinance, passed by the Continental Congress in 1787, provided for new states and the creation of schools. Some of the institutions, including Ohio University, established under the ordinance's provisions became early models of land grant universities. Once established, Ohio University slowly began its development.

Early courses emphasized classical languages, philosophy, and rhetoric. Scientific subjects were added by 1820. The present structure of the university emerged as a result of organizational changes implemented in the mid-1930s, and through growth and expansion following Word War II.

More than 19,000 students attend Ohio University on the Athens campus, and 8,000 attend its five regional campuses spread across the Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio. The university has ten colleges with approximately sixty academic departments and schools that offer 280 undergraduate majors, sixty master's programs, and twenty-one doctoral programs.

In 1997, the university developed its own legacy program, Dawn to Dusk, which is a community photographic documentation project, produced in the School of Visual Communication. The 1999 Dawn to Dusk, focused on the Athens campus, of which sixteen photographs are part of this Library legacy documentation.

Documentation includes a 13-page report, a listing of significant graduates, fact sheets, photo negatives, newspaper articles, brochures, and photographs.

Originally submitted by: Ted Strickland, Representative (6th District).

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The Local Legacies project provides a "snapshot" of American Culture as it was expressed in spring of 2000. Consequently, it is not being updated with new or revised information with the exception of "Related Website" links.

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