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Community Roots: Selections from the Local Legacies Project
Collage of Local Legacies

Pecatonica's 6th Grade Honors Immigrants of Grandview

The project is a videotape entitled "Grandview," which was completed almost entirely by the sixth grade students of the class of Steve Cary at Pecatonica Elementary School in Hollandale in southwestern Wisconsin.

A mile from the school, in Grandview, is an old farmhouse whose yard boasts folk art statues created almost fifty years ago by Nick Engelbert and his Swiss wife, Katherine. Englebert, a dairy farmer who had immigrated to the United States from the Austro-Hungarian empire, created many of the statues to honor his neighbors who were themselves immigrants or second-generation offspring of immigrants. Grandview is now also the site of a workshop and museum.

The videotape displays the students' photographs of the statues and their own drawings, writing, and poetry.

Originally submitted by: Herb Kohl, Senator.

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The Local Legacies project provides a "snapshot" of American Culture as it was expressed in spring of 2000. Consequently, it is not being updated with new or revised information with the exception of "Related Website" links.

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