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Letter to Mom and Dad [July 24, 1952]

Pvt. E. L. Pierzchalski US55263754
Ft. Riley, Kansas

July 24, 1952

Dear Mom and Dad,

It's about 11:15 A.M. I just got back from a First Aid class, before that we march and march, and marched. I was marking my clothes now and I decided to write a few lines before I eat. I hope I can find time to wash my clothes tonight but I doubt it.

Whether or not I'll get any mail today remains to be seen. They don't have mail call till 6:30 P.M. There's the Sergeant—I have to go now—It's about 12:15 now. I just finished eating some Swiss Steak, mash potatoes and all the extras. I'll have to go in a minute. I have to get my rifle, canteen, first aid kit, bayonet, cartridge belt and helmet on and run like hell out the door.

Just think about how long I've gone without a good glass or bottle of beer. I sure miss going out in the evening, night & morning. The other night I dropped my rifle while stacking it. So I had to sleep with it. I was so tired I didn't even know it was there.

The reason we're restricted for the first 4 weeks is because we have to have all our shots so we don't catch any diseases from the rest of the men from other parts of the country.

It's about 5:30 now and I'm dead and I mean Dead !! After dinner we had to march about 10 blocks out to a field in the hot sun, when it gets hot in Kansas, it gets hot, about 110 degrees if not more, and there's no shade. When we got there the sergeant made a mistake so we had to run back with all that equipment. When we reached the right place we had to sit in a small room (There's about 265 men in our company) and I'll bet I sweat about 10 pounds along with everyone else while an officer talks about guard duty. After that we ran back to the first field for some first aid. We learned about carrying a wounded man and "boy"!! it's hot carrying a man in the sun for about 50 yards. That lasted about an hour, then we went back to that small room for some more first aid. Then came the worst—physical training. It was so hot, 8 men passed out in the hot sun. Well I have to eat now!

Just finished supper. I got one letter from you today and 2 from Carol. I just finished reading. How about sending some pictures from home.

I'm so tired I can hardly push the pencil and it's only 10 minutes to 7:00. I still have to finish marking my clothes and shine my shoes.

Congratulations for your Silver Anniversary. Wish I was there, but according to the Commanding Officer we'll have to work Saturday and Sunday too.

I can't wait till this is over. They sure know how to wear a man down here. And no matter how hard I try, for that matter no matter how hard anybody tries there's always something wrong.

Can you send me a camera so I can take some pictures and send them home. Well, May God bless you on your Anniversary



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