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Letter to Mom and Dad [February 21, 1953]

Pvt. E. L. Pierzchalski US55263754
Hqtrs.Btry. 48 F.A.Bn.
A.P.O. #7

Saturday, Feb. 21, 1953

Dear Mom and Dad,

I just started my watch, it's 1:05 a.m.

Despite what I said, I did go looking at the caves, I didn't go inside though. It's no wonder that our troops have trouble getting them out. Their holes are about 2 1/2 feet high. They go back about 10-15 feet then make sharp turns and drops. Their sleeping quarters are about 15 feet underground. Even a direct hit by an artillery round might not close the entrance. If it did, they have more than one exit. The holes I looked at were nothing compared to how they are dug in now.

We had a few fire missions today. On a fire mission our O.P. (outpost) calls us and gives us the location of the target. In this case it was an enemy trench. We relay this back to artillery and they fire a round. When it hits, the O.P. tells us if it is high or low, or to the right or left. We relay this and when they finally get on the target they "mark it". Then if they get any trouble from this trench they can open up on them immediately.

We also have the Air Force on our frequency. It's interesting to hear them. When they wore bombing a bridge this afternoon I heard everything. After a few direct hits I heard one man say there were still a few feet of bridge left. 15 minutes later he called and said "bridge, I hava no"!! That "hava no" is an expression that was picked up from the South Koreans who know a little English.

After we came back from the cave, I spent the rest of the day eating, reading and firing at tin cans. I'll bet I fired about 150-200 rounds today.

If you'll notice, my mail takes about eight days to get there.

I should be relieved for a few hours tomorrow in order to go to church. Whether I will or not remains to be seen. I haven't heard Mass in a long, long time, not since I was in the "States", not because I missed it but because they didn't have a Chaplain available. I did attend Rosary services almost daily on the boat.

I was going to shave now but I don't feel like going out to get water.

My mail ought to catch up with me within the next five days. I hope!!

It's so quiet here that when I just received a call I almost jumped out of my underwear!!

All that I hear now on the set are Chinese talking. We change our frequency often but I guess they decide to change at the same time. I suppose they listen to us and when they find out where our target is they just crawl deeper into their holes.

That's all for now.



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