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Letter to Mom and Dad [June 3, 1953]

Pvt. E. L. Pierzchalski US55263754
Hqtrs.Btry. 48 F.A.Bn.
A.P.O. #7

June 3, 1953

Dear Mom and Dad,


I received your letter of May 20. It's stopped raining, finally. We had a practice move this morning. It took up about 30 minutes to get to the front and set up. Not bad, in all this mud.

Another uncle huh? Hurray!!!

Since the Marines left, we are in more danger. Since when did we need them? They'll be around again soon.

What's the blocking position? A regiment is usually made up of three or four battalions. Two battalions are on the front line while one is in the blocking position. If one or both of the front line positions should be hit, it is our job to counter-attack. We have four battalions so there are two on line and two back. We haven't made any attacks yet. I don't think we will. We should move back up front in a couple of days. We spent far more time here than I thought we would. I could stay here six more months. We don't do much here, just keep the jeeps in shape and make practice moves.

I took the pictures to be painted but he told me he was too busy.

So you want a picture in full dress, huh? Want to know what that is? A fatigue shirt, field pants, boots, helmet, and flak vest. That's all I have. I do have a sleeping bag but that doesn't make a good picture. I'm sorry.

I'll write again soon. Keep me posted on Loretta. I'm going to write her a letter now.

P.S. Received a Sporting News.



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