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Excerpt from letter [2/27/1944]

Feb. 27 1944

I actually have this Sunday off and so this morning I made a trip to a district that was hard hit a few nights ago. It is rather appalling. Without actually seeing the results with your own eyes you cannot imagine the effects of the modern HE. I am sure that it must be vastly more powerful than anything that was dropped in the "Blitz". It is not a question of simply destroying the house one of the things hits; it is making every house uninhabitable for at least two blocks in every direction and that covers quite a lot of area. Try drawing a circle of this sort with its center at Commonwealth Ave. and Dartmouth Street. Bounded roughly by Boylston, Beacon, Berkley and Fairfield Streets and you get an idea of what I mean. The houses are not all down in this area, but they are uninhabitable. They have no windows or window frames and few doors so you look right through them all. Their fronts and many of their floors sag; lights, plumbing and much of the furniture is broken; the slates are gone from most of the roofs; a large part of the plaster is down from walls and ceilings; personal possessions of all sorts litter the entire district. What the casualties were from such a hit you can only imagine. But the totals for each of these raids, including injured, make Coconut Grove look small.


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