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Minute Topics presented in order of discussion on recording


00:00 Introduction

01:23 Early life

03:00 Enlists in the Navy, Truman ends racial segregation, enters radar training

05:00 Accepted for service as a radar man on the USS Santee by Lt. Fergus after rejection by three other ships. Emotional expression of gratitude to the man who changed his life.

09:00 Life aboard the USS Santee

10:50 Combat experience: Guam, Philippines, Saipan, Okinawa

13:00 News of Japanese surrender diverts the invasion fleet

15:00 Evacuating POWs from Formosa

16:00 Learning that he was"... as good as anybody else" through his military experience. Gratitude to Lt. Fergus for the opportunity to serve as a radar man.

18:00 After the War, GI Bill and education: path from electrician, radar man, to physics.

19:00 Civilian career with Brookhaven Laboratory as nuclear physicist

20:00 Photos: Boot Camp, radar men of the USS Santee, shore leave in Los Angeles

22:00 Civilian employment at General Electric Co, marriage and family

23:00 Recruiting for Minorities in Engineering

25:40 The Bohemia Track Club, world wide experience in long distance running, marathons

27:10 Work for the Atomic Energy Commission on theoretical aspects of particle interactions, consulting in France, teaching in Italy.

29:00 Einstein Gravity Probe and its significance to his work.

30:00 The scope of his current theoretical work, sharing ideas with peers

34:00 Advice to today's young African Americans, "Get an education!" Mentoring.

38:00 "You are never too old to learn or help others."

39:55 Interview ends.

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  October 26, 2011
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