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"I matured faster, becoming wiser sooner in the ways of the world than had I remained at home." (Memoir: A G.I. Odyssey, page 23)

   John Aubrey Enman, Jr.
Image of John Aubrey Enman, Jr.
Enman, after photographing architectural sites in the Delhi area. Canning Road Barracks, New Delhi, India. 1945 [detail]
War: World War, 1939-1945
Branch: Army Air Forces/Corps
Unit: 2nd Photo Procurement Detachment
Service Location: Algeria; North Africa; India; United States
Rank: Sergeant
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John Enman's memoirs of his service in World War II read more like travelogues. His assignment, to secure and process aerial photographs in the China-Burma-India Theater, took him to India. He spent 18 months there, and though he didn't witness combat first-hand, he was privy to another fierce battle, the political struggle over the future of China involving Chiang Kai-Shek and General Joseph Stilwell.

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 Official Documents
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 Personal Correspondence
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 Official Documents (6 items)
From Geological Survey of India [11/23/44] Personnel Rosters ID Card Enlisted Reserve Corps
ID Card Enlisted Reserve Corps (Private) Enlisted Man's Temporary Pass Diploma from the Franklin Technical Institute
 Personal Correspondence (29 items)
V-Mail to Dad & Sis [6/24/44] V-Mail to Mr.& Mrs. J. Enman [7/30/44] V-Mail to Mr.& Mrs. J. Enman [Christmas 1944]
V-Mail to Mr.& Mrs. J. Enman [4/44] V-Mail to Elaine Enman [4/44] V-Mail to Mom, Dad, & Sis [8/30/45]
Letter to Julie [October 27, 1943] Letter to Julie [November 27, 1943] Letter to Julie [December 23, 1943]
Letter to Julie [January 9, 1944] Letter to Julie, along with newsclippings and photograph [January 20, 1944] Letter to Julie [February 1, 1944]
Letter to Julie [March 29, 1944] Letter to Julie [April 22, 1944] Letter to Julie and an Algerian 5 franc note [May 10, 1944]
Letter to Julie [June 21, 1944] Letter to Julie [July 10, 1944] Letter to Julie [August 9, 1944]
Letter to Julie [October 11, 1944] Letter to Julie [November 5, 1944] Letter to Julie [December 3, 1944]
Letter to Julie [December 21, 1944] Letter to Julie [January 17, 1945] Letter to Julie [February 6, 1945]
Letter to Julie [April 11, 1945] Letter to Julie [April 24, 1945] Letter to Julie [June 3, 1945]
Letter to Julie [July 29, 1945] Letter to Julie [June 26, 1945] 
 Other Materials (10 items)
Kashmir Love Darts Agreement form "Kashmir Paradise Company" Invitation to "Allied Services Art Exhibition"
Invitation to the Viceroy's House Program: All-India Gramophone Society [9/16/45] Program: All-India Gramophone Society 1/7/45
Program: Concert By The Madras Guards Symphony Orchestra Newsclipping from "The National Call" [Wednesday August 9, 1944] Copy of regimental newspaper [November 30, 1944]
Christmas greeting card [1943]  

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