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"By firelight on the fought-over ground of this stricken country I pause to rush word to you of my safety and well-being." (Letter to his mother, November 16, 1918)

   Charles Stanley Lamb
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Charles Stanley (Stan) Lamb in NYC
War: World War, 1914-1918
Branch: Army
Unit: Company B, 1st Battalion, 318th Engineers Regiment, 6th Division, 1st Army Corps
Service Location: United States; France
Rank: Private First Class
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A company clerk with a regiment of engineers stationed in France, Stan Lamb was a prolific correspondent to more than a dozen family members and friends. In a letter dated September 25, 1918, he reported that in the previous three days he had received 35 letters from 22 different people. During the war, censors sometimes chastised Lamb for being indiscreet, but once the Armistice was signed, his honest descriptions of postwar devastation-he once saw starving citizens reduced to eating horses--were no longer subject to review.

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»Letters Home: World War I Letters of Charles Stanley Lamb, Edited by Betty Boyd and George Lamb
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»Special Orders, No. 91, Headquarters Sixth Division [4/1/1919]
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 Personal Correspondence (91 items)
"Dear Stanley," [3/9/1918], Duluth, Minn. "Dear Mother," [3/9/1918], Vancouver Barracks "Dear Dad," [4/4/1918], Vancouver, Washington
"Dear Dad," [4/11/1918], Vancouver Barracks "Dear Mother," [4/28/1918], Camp Merritt, NJ "Dear Dad," [5/1/1918], Camp Merritt, NJ
"Dear Mother and Folks," [5/3/1918], Camp Merritt, NJ "Dad," [5/6/1918] "Dear Folks," [5/6/1918], Camp Merritt
"Dear Mother and all," [5/1918], On board "Dear Dad," [5/21/1918], France "Dear Mary," [5/23/1918], France
"Dear Mother," [5/27/1918] France "Dear Mother," [5/31/1918], France "Dear Dad," [6/5/1918], France
"Dear Mary," [6/6/1918], France "Dear Uncle Lon," [6/6/1918], France "Dear Dad," [6/9/1918], France
"Dear Mother," [6/18/1918], France "Ma Chere Mary," [6/20/1918] "Dear Mother," [6/24/1918], Mehun sur Yerre
"Dear Dad," [6/25/1918], Mehun sur Yevre "Dear Dad," [7/1/1918], Mehun sur Yevre; Cher, France "Dear Mother," [7/10/1918]
"Dear Mary," [7/16/1918], Chateauroux Indre, France "Dear Mother," [7/16/1918], Chateauroux Indre, France "Dear Dad," [7/21/1918], Chateauroux Indre, France
"Dear Mother," [7/28/1918], Chateauroux Indre, France "Dear Mary," [8/3/1918] "Dear Mother," [8/3/1918], Chateauroux Indre, France
"Dear Dad," [8/8/1918] "Dear Mother," [8/25/1918], La Ferte ser-Avb, near Bricon "Dear Uncle Lon," [8/25/1918], Bricon
"Dear Mother," [8/30/1918] "Dear Dad," [9/5/1918], France "My dear Mrs. Lamb,"[ 9/5/1918], San Francisco, CA
"My Dear Friend," [9/5/1918]. Includes four additional letters sent by G. Jugand to Charles Lamb "Dear Mother," [9/9/1918], France, Hotzplatz "Dear Mother," [9/15/1918], France
"Dear Mary," [9/17/1918], France "Dear Mother, Father,," [9/25/1918], Kruth, Germany "Dear Dad," [9/30], includes letter to Mother
"Dad," [10/2/1918] "Dear Mary," [10/2/1918] "Dear Mother," [10/13/1918], France
"Dear Grandma and Florence," [10/13/1918] "Dear Mary," [10/13/1918] "Dear Dad," [10/14/1918]
"Dear Mother," [10/20/1918], Bussang, France Postcard to "Dad," [10/20/1918] "Dear Mary," [11/29], France
Postcard to "Dad," [10/29/1918] "Dear Stanley," [10/31/1918] "Dear Mother," [11/1/1918]
"Dear Mother," [11/16/1918], near Verdun, France "Dear Folks," [11/20/1918], near Verdun, France "Dear Dad," [11/20/1918]
"Dear Mother," [11/29/1918], between Wassy and Chaumont, South West "Dear Mother," [12/3/1918], Bure-les-Templiers "Dear Dad," [12/8/1918], Bure-les-Templiers
"Dear Mother," [12/9/1918], Bure-les-Templiers Transcript of "Dear Mother," [12/9/1918], Bure-les-Templiers "Dear Dad," [12/25/1918], Bure-les-Templiers
"Dear Mother," [12/25/1918], France "Dear Mary," [12/26/1918], Bure-les-Templiers "Dear Mary," Bure-les-Templiers
"Mother Dear," [1/5/1919], Central France in the Auverghe Mountains, 180 miles southwest of Bure-les-Templiers "Dear Dad," [1/12/1919] "Dear Dad," [1/17/1918 sic]
"Dear Mary," [1/19/1919] "Dear Mother," [1/20/1918 sic] "Dear Mother," [1/24], Bure-les-Templiers
"My dear Lamb," [1/24/1919], Malesherbes "Dear Mother," [1/30/1919], France Postcard to "Mother," [2/3/1919], Bure-les-Templiers
"Dear Mother," [2/ 5], Bure-les-Templiers, France "Private Charles S. Lamb," [2/8/1919], Paris, France "Dear Dad," [2/12/1918 sic], Bure-les-Templiers
Letter from Charles S. Lamb "Dear Mother," [2/20/1919], Bure-les-Templiers "Dear Smith Folks and Claudia," [3/5/1919]
"Dear Mother Mine," [3/5/1919], France "Dear Dad," [3/8/1919] "Dear Mary," [3/9/1919], Bure-les-Templiers
"Dear Mother," [3/12/1919], Bure-les-Templiers "Dear Mother," [3/28/1919], Bure-les-Templiers "Dear Dad," [3/29/1919], Bure-les-Templiers
"Dear Mother," [3/30/1919] "Dear Mary," [3/31/1919] "Dear Mother," [4/6/1919], France
"Dear Mother," [5/15/1919], Paris, France  

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