Southern Workman

(Selections from several issues)

Published monthly by Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute. Subscription $1 a year. Articles only, no ads. (Notes: Madam C.J. Walker, National Negro Business League, Leisure, Home.) dtnegbus, dtwalker

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Highlights include:
Mar 1927:
"The Best Barber Shop in America" (pp. 119-122)
"Playground Beautification at Orangeburg" (South Carolina) (pp. 126-127), about African-American recreation.
Apr 1927:
"Leadership for Better Homes" - about the 1926 Better Homes Campaign among African Americans (pp. 169-174).
May 1927:
"Migration Difficulties in Michigan" (pp. 231-236), about the Black Migration from rural South to urban North.
Aug 1927:
"Negro Women and Business" (pp. 343-349) by Albon Lewis Holsey, secretary of the National Negro Business League, concerns black business women, including mention of entrepreneur Madam C.J. Walker and also African American women journalists
"The American Tennis Association" (pp. 355-356), about African Americans and tennis, recreation and leisure; and a short piece on the black Boy Scout program at Hampton Institute (p. 356).
Oct 1927:
Editorial on the 1927 meeting of the National Negro Business League in St. Louis (pp. 449-450)
"An Example of Negro Banking" (pp. 461-467).

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