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These sites were chosen for their educational content and broad accessibility. The Library of Congress neither endorses nor maintains these Internet sites. Users should direct any problems with these sites to the particular administrator or webmaster responsible.

The World Wide Web contains a wealth of information related to the story presented in Meeting of Frontiers. Below is a small sample of the sites that have information, images, and links pertaining to the Russian and American frontiers.

Portsmouth Peace Treaty: 1905-2005 (Japan-America Society of New Hampshire)

Portsmouth Peace Treaty Centennial Conference (Dartmouth University)

American Museum of Natural History (
Of particular interest on this site is Drawing Shadows to Stone: Photographing North Pacific Peoples, 1897-1902 ( Created to commemorate the centennial of the Jesup North Pacific Expedition, the site includes images and information on the region's native populations and the anthropologists who ventured north to study them.

Canada's SchoolNet (
Canada's SchoolNet provides an enormous amount on information concerning the history of its western provinces and links to hundreds of other relevant sites on the web. In particular, the site provides access to an array of digital collections ( covering topics such as Athabascan Landing (, Fort Steele (, Indian treaties (, and the west coast forestry industry (

Center of the American West (
Founded in 1989, the Center of the American West uses the resources of the University of Colorado to explore, debate, and celebrate the distinctive qualities of the West. The site includes Tracking the Changing West (, which provides immediate access to some of the center's findings on the economic, demographic, and ecological changes under way in the West. It also contains a collection of online essays that explore the West's past and present, for example Patricia Nelson Limerick's, "Caution! Nostalgia Ahead" and Matt Ashby's, "The Working West".

History's Best on PBS (
The Public Broadcasting System's page contains numerous sites dealing with the history of the American West. Several of these were created to accompany acclaimed PBS television programs. In addition to a site presenting a comprehensive history of the West (, the page includes sites focusing on events of historical importance, such as the California ( and Klondike ( Gold Rushes, the Oregon ( and Mormon ( Trails, and the journeys of the Donner Party ( and the Corps of Discovery (

National Archives and Records Administration (
Among items of interest on the Web site of the National Archives are documents relating to the acquisition of Louisiana Territory (, an 1868 treaty with the Sioux Indians recognizing the Black Hills of Dakota as part of the Great Sioux Reservation (, and a list of purchases made by Meriwether Lewis in preparation for the expedition to the West (

National Geographic Society (
In addition to a large collection of maps and photographs, this Web site provides access to the featured online exhibit Alaska: The Great Land(

Smithsonian Institution Museum of Natural History, Arctic Studies Center (
The Smithsonian Institution's Arctic Studies Center has many exhibits and online collections that explore the history and cultures of the indigenous peoples of the North Pacific. An interesting and informative exhibit related to Meeting of Frontiers is Crossroads of Continents (

Smithsonian Institution National Museum of the American Indian (
The Web site of the National Museum of the American Indian is a good starting point for those desiring to learn about the history and culture of Native America.

University of Washington Libraries (
The University of Washington’s Digital Initiatives program features photograph collections held by the University of Washington Libraries’ Special Collections which relate to the history of the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, the Yukon Territory and British Columbia (

University of Washington, Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest (
A useful resource for information on the history of the Pacific Northwest, the site currently features online exhibits documenting the Klondike Gold Rush ( and the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II (

Westweb (
Westweb catalogues an extensive inventory of links relating to almost every aspect of the American West, past and present.

The National Library of Russia (
Web site of a Meeting of Frontiers project partner.

The Russian State Library (
Web site of a Meeting of Frontiers project partner.

The Russian Orthodox Church (
The Web site of the Russian Orthodox Church contains information about the Church in Siberia and the Russian Far East, including links to individual dioceses.

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