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The Law Library/National Digital Library Program (NDLP) team extends its deepest thanks to all who helped to create A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation. Planning for this large, complex, online collection started in the mid-1990s. The initial project team was assembled in 1996; since then, some members have left and others have joined. Many other persons have helped the team confront the numerous challenges posed by both the design and execution of the collection. Particularly notable contributions were made by the following:

In the Law Library of Congress, Robert N. Gee, Chief of Public Services and Project Director, selected the collection and provided invaluable support and guidance throughout the realization of the project. James W. Martin, as Law Library Liaison to the NDLP, provided constant help with references and historical and legal context. David L. Rabasca helped develop the collection and gave critical reference support. Other legal reference librarians helped in numerous ways: Emily Carr, Pamela Barnes Craig, Diana Frazier Miller, Shameema Rahman, José Torres, and Nancy Taft Wynn. Rose Marie Clemandot provided guidance in using the archival collections. Mark Strattner gave crucial bibliographic assistance. Ann Hemmens contributed to the collection's explanatory material.

Staff of the United States Senate Library and House of Representatives Library graciously loaned selected volumes, including all bills and resolutions.

From the National Digital Library Program (NDLP), five successive digital conversion Law project coordinators--Judith Davis, Beth Davis-Brown, Randolf M. Wells, Andrew J. Cook, and Roger Kizer Ball--led the Law team during the long, complex effort to achieve the collection's realization. During the course of the project, team members have included Emily Lind Baker, David Brooks, Robert Deans, Leisa Fowler, Renada Johnson, John G. Sims, and Hans Wang. The team performed the tasks of preparation and collation of materials, scanning liaison, image and text quality review, and data management, and helped design and prepare the online collection.

The NDLP Law team gratefully acknowledges the guidance and support of the NDLP conversion coordinators: Carl Fleischhauer, Nancy Eichacker, Martha Anderson, Tamara Swora-Gober, and Deborah Thomas. Three successive lead Contracting Officer's Technical Representatives (COTR) guided paper contracts for this collection: Beth Davis-Brown, Tamara Swora-Gober, and Ariel Rosenblum. Steven C. McCollum, Christopher Pohlhaus, and Ray Murray contributed to the quality review of digital materials from the contractor. Sharon Nixon and Ishmael Wilson assisted in text keying and Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) coding. Martha Anderson lent expertise on such issues as searchable text and databases. Elizabeth Madden provided additional technical support. Emily Lind Baker, Jurretta Jordan Heckscher, and Andrea Matles Savada edited all introductory texts. Timothy Stutz proofread a browse list. Glenn Ricci designed the Web pages for the collection with elegance and skill. Additional assistance was provided by Margaret Foote, Elizabeth Gettins, Herbert Ohta, Theresa Wilson, Caroline Arms, Amy Andrea Dillon, Michael Fitzella, Tracey Marie Salley, and F. Barry Wheeler.

From the Geography and Map Division, Colleen R. Cahill, Gene E. Roberts, Diane Schug-O'Neill, James A. Flatness, and Robert B. Locke provided guidance, digitization, or cataloging for most map images.

In the Information Technology Services Digital Scan Center, Lynn Brooks, Lisa Cope, Jade Curtis, Ronnie Hawkins, Christopher Pohlhaus, and Domenico Sergi provided high resolution scanning services for the American State Papers maps and the Congressional Globe text images.

In Information Technology Services, Stanley D. Lerner contributed programming for the initial release. Primary programming for subsequent releases was provided by David E. Woodward and server assistance by Benjamin Mealey.

From the Conservation Division, Thomas C. Albro II, JoAnne V. Martinez, and Mary Wootton guided the team in the best way to handle the aging and delicate volumes. Mary Wootton was a generous ongoing consultant as new conservation issues arose.

In the Manuscript Division, Gerard W. Gawalt was Associate Editor of the Letters of Delegates to Congress and author of the introductory text for that title.

Library Services Digital Reference Team members Marilyn K. Parr and Kenneth Drexler and Library Services Digital Project Coordinator Judith Graves provided valuable insight into the collection interface.

Office of the Librarian Chief of Staff JoAnn Jenkins provided invaluable assistance in building agreements with Library of Congress sponsors and contributors.

Office of the General Counsel lawyer Melissa Levine, provided guidance.

Contracts and Logistics Contracting Officer for NDLP paper scanning Helen Mathura provided invaluable help.

Contractor, Systems Integration Group, Inc. (SIG) of Lanham, Maryland, produced most of the bitonal TIFF images, most grayscale and color JPEG images, and oversaw production of the searchable text.

The bitonal TIFF images for the thirty-eight-volume American State Papers were made possible by the William S. Hein & Co., Inc., Buffalo, New York. Special thanks to Scott Fiddler, Vice President of Production for his efforts in this partnership.

The Law project benefited enormously from the discussions with its Advisory Group. Members of the group have included: from the Law Library, Christine Anderson, Janice Hyde, and Nick Kozura; from the Congressional Research Service, Stanley Ira Bach and Floris Flam; from the National Digital Library Program, Laura E. Campbell, Martha M. Dexter, Nancy Eichacker, and Carl Fleischhauer; from the Humanities and Social Sciences Division, Marilyn K. Parr; staff from the Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives; from the Senate Historical Office, Richard A. Baker; from the Senate Library, Greg Harness; and from the National Archives and Records Administration's Center for Legislative Archives, Michael Gillette and Richard Hunt.

»Lawmaking Home » Acknowledgments
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