As one of the sponsoring agencies for Phase II of the Digital Libraries Initiative, the Library of Congress is making available to researchers some of the collections converted by its National Digital Library Program (NDLP) for access through American Memory. The Library hopes that some DLI-II awardees will use this digital content to test new tools for building, managing, and accessing collections and to validate new technology in user-centered environments.

List of Collections

    A master list of collections that the Library can make available to institutions and researchers who are awarded funding through Phase II of the Digital Libraries Initiative. An American Memory collection may be: a coherent archival entity, such as the work of a particular photographer or papers of a particular individual; a cumulative grouping of materials in a particular physical format, such as daguerreotypes or movies in the form of paper prints deposited for copyright registration; or an anthology collection assembled by the NDLP itself.  For each collection, the list indicates the types of material included and provides a link to a technical summary.

Rights and Restrictions

    For the majority of the materials available to applicants, the Library of Congress is not aware of any U.S. copyright or any other restrictions that would inhibit public access. A few of the collections may provide useful material for testing approaches to access management. Applicants should read this general note on rights and restrictions and the more specific statements for any collections they are considering using for the project they propose.

Technical Notes: by Type of Material

Samples of Materials

    Small sample sets of materials and related catalog records are available for downloading by FTP. Individual samples are accessible from the technical summary for each collection on the master list.

Handing Over Materials

    Details of the handover of digital content to awardees can be arranged after awards are made. This page provides a general discussion of the options.

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