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Ballroom Companion: Dance Instructor Manuals, Ca.1600-1920
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This collection of over 200 social dance manuals runs chronologically from Thoinot Arbeau's instructive Orchesographie, published in Langres, France in 1588 to The latest method, home instruction by mail, compiled by Charles Julius Frank for Philadelphia's Beacon Academy in 1922. Also represented are a significant number of anti-dance manuals as well as treatises on etiquette. All illuminate the manner in which people have joyfully expressed themselves as they dance for and with one another.
Source collection
Selections from the Music Division, Library of Congress.
Technical features
Searchable text for varying length documents (ranging from 5 to 500 pages per document) written by different authors in different periods. Diverse vocabulary, including French, Italian and Spanish, offers search vocabulary challenges. Occurrences of German, Russian, and Portuguese have not been converted to searchable text. Pages will be presented by the Library through a page-turning interface with link to converted text.
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Not available online as of December 1997. Preview includes complete listing of titles. Full collection expected to be online during second half of 1998.
Public access:
The Library is not aware of any restrictions that inhibit public access to this collection. See notes on rights and restrictions provided by the Library to users of the collection preview. A legal review for the full collection has not been made.

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