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Votes for Women

Collection Overview

Pictorial portraits and scenes document the fight to gain women the vote.
Source collection
Technical features
Portraits and scenes, image quality is good.
Original material formats
Number of original items
38 (1 in color)
Status of collection
Available online as of November 1997.
Public access
The Library is not aware of any U.S. copyright or other restrictions in the materials in this collection. See notes on rights and restrictions provided by the Library to users of this collection.

Aids to intellectual access

Type & granularity
MARC bibliographic records. Each bib. record describes a single item.
Sample bibliographic display in American Memory.
Linking to digital reproductions
Bibliographic record contains identifier used in filenames for all versions of image. Last character of filename is feature code for image type.

Digital reproductions

Total file-space for digital reproductions: 75 Mbytes

Photographs Archival image Service image
Inline thumbnail Additional thumbnail
Marker Filename ends "u" Filename ends "r" Filename ends "t" Filename ends "t"
Tonal resolution (grayscale) 8 bit 8 bit 8 bit 8 bit
Tonal resolution (color) 24 bit 24 bit 8 bit 8 bit
Spatial resolution (approx) 1280x1024 pixels 640x480 pixels 150x100 pixels 150x100 pixels
Quantity (approx) 38 38 38 38
Sample Sample archival Sample service Sample thumbnail Sample thumbnail

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