Structural Metadata Dictionary for LC Digitized Material
Version 1.03

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Purpose and Scope:  The purpose of this dictionary is to describe the metadata used to support digital object storage in and presentation from the NDLP Repository.  This metadata, or information about data, is referred to as Structural Metadata.

At least two other forms of metadata may be associated with objects stored in a digital repository.  The first, Intellectual Metadata, describes the subject or intellectual content of the digital object.  Intellectual Metadata is most commonly represented by the information found in bibliographic cataloging records or finding aids.  The second, Access Control Metadata, refers to information related to the terms and conditions under which a digital object can be used, the identity of the copyright holder and any permissions for use granted by that copyright holder.

The primary focus of this dictionary is on the Structural Metadata.  Intellectual Metadata is outside the scope of the digital repository and, hence, this section.  Access Control Metadata will be addressed, but will be a secondary focus.

Dictionary Format:  This dictionary is divided into seven main sections.

Section 1- Lists the metadata attributes associated with digital objects and data elements for Library of Congress digitized material.  Such material includes non-motion visual material (e.g., photographs, images of text document pages), SGML encoded documents, sound recordings, and notion visual material (e.g., video tape, motion pictures).
Section 2-Defines each of the metadata attributes listed in Section 1.
Section 3-Explains the relationship of data elements to digital objects.
Section 4-Contains a glossary of terms used in the definitions.
Section 5-Provides structural metadata examples.
Section 6-Descibes structural metadata code validation tables.
Section 7-Descibes data tables for structural metadata .

Please note that this dictionary is a work in progress.

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