Illinois vs. August Spies et al. trial evidence book. People's Exhibit 40.
The Alarm (Newspaper) article, "Our Agitators," 1885 Mar. 7

2 p.
Introduced into evidence during testimony of Eugene Seeger (Vol. K p. 627-634), 1886 July 29.
Transcript of article.

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People's Ex. 40.

THE ALARM, March 7, 1885.


The agitation trips of Comrades Gorsuch, Fielden and Griffin, during the past two weeks, was prolific of very good results. Twelve American groups were organized by them in the cities of Cleveland, Buffalo, Canton, Ohio, Salineville, Ohio, Pittsburgh, St. Joseph, Mo., Kansas City, Topeka, Kas., Atchison and Lawrence, Kas. They addressed large and enthusiastic audiences in all these places, and the persons who united themselves with the Internationals have gone resolutely to work to bring into the ranks of the revolutionary army the proletariat of the contiguous districts.

The Working People's International Association now embraces about eighty groups, comprising many thousand members, who are distributed all over the United States, mainly in the centres of industry. From these centres the propagandism radiates to every nook and corner of the whole country.

In Chicago there are many thousand members of the organization, publishing no less than five newspapers, with wide and rapidly increasing circulations. Several other cities also contain newspapers published by the International or Anarchists, as our opponents prefer to designate us.

Altogether the good work goes bravely on and our Comrades

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everywhere should redouble their exertions in the work of propaganda and prepare the workers for intelligent action when the period for open revolt arrives. Agitation for the purpose of organization; organization for the purpose of rebellion against wage-slavery is the duty of the hour. Comrades, be up and doing.


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