Illinois vs. August Spies et al. trial evidence book. People's Exhibit 114.
Arbeiter-Zeitung (Newspaper) article, "Editorial Notices," 1886 Mar. 2

2 p.
Introduced into evidence during testimony of E. F. L. Gauss (Vol. K p. 721-732), 1886 July 31.
Transcript of translation of article.

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Tuesday, March 2, 1886.

Editorial Notices.

"The order scoundrels beamed yesterday morning in their full glory. With the help of pickpockets, the natural allies of professional cut-throats, who otherwise call themselves also detectives, they succeeded yesterday in taking seventy scabs to the factory accompanied also by scoundrels of the Secret Service to give better appearance. This morning the number of the scabs which went back to work was materially increased. At this opportunity it was once again seen for what purpose the police existed. To protect the working man if he works for starvation wages and is an obedient serf-to club him down when he rebels against the capitalistic herd of robbers. Force only gives way to force. Who wants to attack capitalism in earnest must overthrow the bodyguards of it, the well drilled and well armed `Men of order' and kill them, if he does not want to be murdered himself. But for this is needed an armed and systematically drilled organization."

The same notices: "The time up to the first of May is short. Look out!"

People's Ex. 114.

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An article found in the issue of March 24, 1885, guncotton and nitro-glycerine omitted. See Most's revolutionary warfare, page 38, and the English translation page 25 from which it is copied.

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