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MARC 21 Specifications for Record Structure, Character Sets, and Exchange Media

Code Table East Asian Punctuation Marks

December 2007

This table contains 25 mappings of character encodings for East Asian punctuation marks from the East Asian Coded Character set (ANSI/NISO Z39.64, or "EACC") to character encodings in the Universal Character Set (UCS, ISO-IEC 10646)/Unicode. Character codes are given in hexadecimal notation. Each character is presented on a separate row. The first column contains the MARC-8 EACC 24-bit code (in hex), the second column contains the corresponding UCS/Unicode 16-bit (in hex) code, the third column contains the UTF-8 code (in hex) for the UCS character, the fourth column contains a representation of the character (where possible), the fifth column contains a character name or description. NOTE: The character IDEOGRAPHIC NUMBER ZERO (EACC 212F30, UCS/Unicode 3007) is not included in this table. It is listed in the mapping table for East Asian Ideographs.

Not all characters display in all browsers. We have attempted to allow for font families that show each character set, but you must have one of these fonts on your computer. See the W3C site for a discussion of fonts:

2123203000E38080 Ideographic space in some implementations
2123213000E38080 Ideographic space per ANSI Z39.64
212328FF08EFBC88Ideographic left parenthesis
212329FF09EFBC89Ideographic right parenthesis
21232DFF0DEFBC8DIdeographic hyphen minus
212A463013E38093Ideographic geta symbol
212B25300CE3808CIdeographic left corner bracket
212B26300DE3808DIdeographic right corner bracket
212B31FF3BEFBCBBIdeographic left square bracket
212B32FF3DEFBCBDIdeographic right square bracket
212B333002E38082Ideographic full stop
212B34FF0EEFBC8EIdeographic variant full stop
212B353001E38081Ideographic comma
212B38FF0CEFBC8CIdeographic variant comma
212B39FF1BEFBC9BIdeographic semicolon
212B3AFF1AEFBC9AIdeographic colon
212B3BFF1FEFBC9FIdeographic question mark
212B3DFF01EFBC81Ideographic exclamation point
212B59FF0FEFBC8FIdeographic solidus
69212630FBE383BBIdeographic centered point
6921393005E38085Ideographic iteration mark
6921523008E38088Ideographic less than sign
6921533009E38089Ideographic greater than sign
692154300AE3808AIdeographic left double angle bracket
692155300BE3808BIdeographic right double angle bracket

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