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Community Roots: Selections from the Local Legacies Project
Collage of Local Legacies
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"Oil Pull" tractor on display , 1999
"Oil Pull" tractor on display, 1999 Neavill's Old Settlers' Meeting.

Neavill's Grove Reunion

The Neavill's Grove Old Settlers' Meeting is the oldest continuous civic event in Jefferson County, Indiana, held at the same location and under the same name. The first Old Settlers' Meeting was organized in 1885 and held in 1886, and has continued until the present. This day is set aside by many families that have moved away, as well as local residents, for a huge family-type picnic. It is an annual reunion of old friends.

This event is held on ground donated as a community park by Edward Neavill, grandson of George Neavill, an early settler in the community. Mr. Edward Neavill deeded 12 acres of ground for this park early in this century, and eight more acres a few years later, stipulating its use by those observing Christian values, such as not allowing gambling or alcoholic beverages on the grounds. Mr. Neavill was also a forward-looking conservationist, as he required that for every tree that was cut, another tree be set in its place. These values have observed in the park during the subsequent 115 years.

The current annual Old Settlers' Meeting is now a three-day event, the date of which is decided by the last Saturday in August. Current activities include music, contests for all ages, displays of working antique machinery and household items.

As well as allowing for the renewing of old friendships and the promotion of new ones, the reunion has also been a favorite meeting place for politicians. Many nationally known Hoosier politicians have been Saturday-afternoon featured speakers, including former 9th District congressman Lee Hamilton, Earl Wilson, and Charles W. Fairbanks, who later became Vice President. The event is capped by a worship service jointly conducted by Hopewell Baptist and Smyrna Monroe Presbyterian Church.

Project is documented with text, five souvenir tiles from various years of the Neavill Grove Meeting, four program booklets from various years, newspaper articles, and twelve 8 x 10 photographs.

Originally submitted by: Baron P. Hill, Representative (9th District).

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