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"I think we had a harder time competing against [the F.B.I.] than we did against the Germans." (Video interview, Tape 1, 18:25)

   Rafael D. Hirtz
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Rafael Hirtz in uniform on his wedding day, New York, NY [1945]
War: World War, 1939-1945
Branch: Army
Unit: Army Signal Corp; Operational Forces, Office of Strategic Services (OSS)
Service Location: European Theater; North Africa; China
Rank: Captain
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With his privileged upbringing--he was born to a wealthy French family, educated by private tutors, and grew up as a teenager around 1930s Hollywood--Rafael Hirtz might have found a way to coast through World War II. Instead, he volunteered for the fledgling Office of Strategic Services, even after he was told that field operatives had only a fifty percent chance of survival. Hirtz worked on three intelligence missions abroad, using his ability to speak fluent French in service to his adopted country.

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The beginnings of the OSS. (07:30) Training in Canada under the British. (01:26) The decency of the old OSS; turning down a mission. (03:21)
Working undercover; knowing his fate if captured. (07:13) The French Catholic Church and the Nazis. (02:21) Mission in China; training paratroopers. (02:43)
Second mission in France as a liaison with Underground. (03:30) Difficult living conditions in China. (01:49) Barely making it out of China; the morality of wartime. (01:46)
How the contemporary CIA differs from the OSS. (04:01) Contemporary terrorism's ability to disrupt. (01:33) Troubles with readjustment; meeting his future wife. (03:44)

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  October 26, 2011
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