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"I'm probably the only G.I. in the U.S. Army who sunk a warship single handedly." (Video Interview, 17:57)

   John L. Stensby, Sr.
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John Stensby at time of interview [2002]
War: World War, 1939-1945
Branch: Army
Unit: 60th Coast Artillery
Service Location: Fort Mills, and Corregedor (Philippines); Pacific Theater
Rank: Chief Warrant Officer 3
POW: Yes
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John Stensby held out as long as he could from Japanese capture on the Philippines, then made an art form of sabotage whenever his captors tried to use him for slave labor. His incompetent welding job on a Japanese warship created a launch that was an extreme embarrassment for the Japanese Navy. He had to steel himself when buddy after buddy dropped by the wayside, in prison camps, on the hell ships that took POWs off to Japan and Manchuria, and in factories and mines.

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 Official Documents
»Japanese Order Posted in POW Camps [1944]
 Personal Correspondence
»From his mother [August 28, 194?]
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Early days of the war in Bataan and Corregidor. (04:06) Japanese mistreatment of prisoners. (02:30) Single-handedly sinking a war ship. (01:54)
Sabotaging the Japanese war effort; liberation. (07:05) Narrowly escaping death - luck or instinct? (03:52) Premature report of his death. (00:46)
Bravery and resourcefulness of American forces. (01:24) The lighter side of being a prisoner. (05:35) American soldiers' resistance to their captors. (01:19)
Postwar injustices regarding his pay while a POW. (05:10)  
 Other Materials (4 items)
Page Two, 29th Depot Daily Times [25 September 1945] U.S.-Jap[anese] Policy News article for unspecified newspaper Menu from the transport "Hugh L. Scott" [November 15, 1941]
News article & photo from undocumented source depicting Stenby and other POWs of the Japanese  

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  October 26, 2011
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