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"Some of the guys preferred a smoke to something to eat." (Video interview)

   Orville Joseph Jackson
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Orville Jackson [detail]
War: World War, 1939-1945
Branch: Army
Unit: Company B, 409th Infantry Regiment, 103rd Infantry Division
Service Location: Louisiana; Texas; European Theater
Rank: Sergeant
POW: Yes
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Infantryman Orville Jackson was in France for barely six weeks before his days as a combatant were ended. Trapped in a village by German forces and wounded by shrapnel, he was captured on December 2, 1944. He bravely endured his wounds for several weeks while being transported to Ulm, Germany, where he was admitted to a hospital for two months. Transportation to a prison camp proved unnerving; he was trapped in a locked boxcar for four days, and a passenger train he was riding was strafed by American planes. In prison this nonsmoker welcomed Red Cross packages with their supply of cigarettes, which he could use to barter for food.

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No food for Thanksgiving 1944. (01:45) Transport to and first days in POW camp. (08:33) Dealing with lice and cold weather. (02:03)
Processing after his release. (01:48)  
 Official Documents (10 items)
Western Union Telegram informing parents that Jackson is a POW of the German Government, April 3rd, 1945. Certificate awarding Jackson the Bronze Star Honorable Discharge certificate, 5 October 1945.
Enlisted record and report of separation. Chronology and "record" of Orville Jackson. Letter of transmittal submitting the Unit History for the 409th Infantry Regiment for the month of December 1944.
Index, 409th Infantry Regiment, December 1944. Includes Casualty Report. From Adjutant General to Orville Jackson's father, 31 December 1944. Telegram from Adjutant general to Orville Jackson's father, reporting Jackson MIA, December 26, 1944.
Letter awarding Jackson the POW medal, May 19, 1988.  

Home » Orville Joseph Jackson
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  October 26, 2011
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