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"They wanted to prove that we could be as tough as the males, so they worked us pretty hard." (Video interview, 2:20)

   Joanne D. Palella
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Joanne Palella, 2003
War: Persian Gulf War, 1991
Branch: Army
Unit: VII Corps, Manheim, Germany Division
Service Location: United States; Germany; Persian Gulf
Rank: E-5
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A troubled teenager growing up in suburban Chicago, Joanne Palella decided that the U.S. Army would offer some structure in her life. The Army trained her as a truck driver, a specialist in ammunition and explosives, and a military police officer, skills she employed when she served in the Persian Gulf War. Now a civilian teacher, Palella is grateful for the education she received while serving her country.

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 Video (Interview Excerpts) (7 items)
The challenges a female soldier faces. (02:15) Her duties; experiences in "Death Valley." (02:30) Under attack in her first weeks in country; practical jokes. (02:41)
"I don't ever want to see war again." (01:58) Her female company as an experiment. (00:49) Acceptance of women in the military. (03:27)
Reflections of what she saw in war. (00:48)  

Home » Joanne D. Palella
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  October 26, 2011
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