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Letter to Mom and Dad [July 25, 1952]

Pvt. E. L. Pierzchalski US55263754
Ft. Riley, Kansas

July 25, 1952

Dear Mom and Dad,

I got up at 4:30 and mopped, swept, and ate. I'm sitting in the latrine now. In about 5 minutes we'll have to go out and clean the company area. I didn't get to bed until midnight and I'm pretty sleepy. It's hotter than hell already. Well, I'll write again when I find time—

Wow!!! It's already after 11 o'clock and I mean 11 at night. We just finished cleaning the barracks. I shined my mess kit, canteen, and cleaned my rifle. so I'm pretty tired. Oh yes, I had to sew some more patches on my shirts, but I must admit I'm not bad.

I should be gaining weight but I'm not too sure. We work so hard and only average about 5 hours sleep I'm getting stronger though. During first aid we were practicing the one fireman's carry and nobody wanted to carry my buddy who weighs 265. But I volunteered. I actually handled him easily.

Tomorrow we have a rough inspection. They don't miss a thing. They even check your razor to see if there's any soap or rust in it. So you see I have to get busy again.

Anyway, after tomorrow I'll have a full week in with only 15 more to go. I can hardly wait.

I got one letter today from Carol. I'll probably get a letter from you tomorrow. Keep writing. Tell Dad to write once in a while. Same goes for all the rest of the family. I'm sorry I can't write to the rest of the family individually but as you can see from my past letters I don't have much time.

I haven't written to any of my buddies yet. I don't get the chance.

Till tomorrow—



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