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Letter to Mom and Dad [February 20, 1953]

Pvt. E. L. Pierzchalski US55263754
Hqtrs.Btry. 48 F.A.Bn.
A.P.O. #7

February 20, 1953

Dear Mom and Dad,

Well folks I'm in a different spot again. No sooner did I mail the last letter when they told me to go on Radio Relay, so here I am. It's 1:30 A.M.. I'm on duty from 1 to 4 a.m. My job is to relay fire missions from our forward observers and outposts to the rear gun batteries. There are two men here besides myself. I'll stay here for about 4 days then they'll bring the new radio operator up for a while. If I can stay here for 6 days in February, I'll draw an extra 45 dollars as combat pay. We"re between the spot I was at yesterday and the front lines. We're situated near the top of a hill. Then across the valley on the other side of the next hill is the infantry.

This is an odd place to be. Let me tell you why. When I got here they showed me around a little. In the valley behind us about 200 yards away is a Korean farm house. In it are bodies of a whole family. Why they are unburied, I don't know. All through these hills are caves filled with dead Chinese and North Korean soldiers. Most of them are far in the caves I guess, but one can see an arm or a leg occasionally. One of these days the other two guys want to take a look deeper into the caves for pictures but I doubt if I'll go. That sort of thing doesn't appeal to me.

While up here we live on "C" rations, but there are plenty of them. We have so many cigarettes that yesterday they gave quite a few packages to the South Koreans who come through the area occasionally. One fellow had his sleeping bag stolen yesterday and he suspects on [sic] of the South Koreans. We're going to keep an eye out for them. Pity them if they're caught. We've got plenty of ammunition.

I'm sending in this letter one of the propaganda leaflets that we drop to the Chinese. I found it on the hill and thought it would make a good souvenir. Save it. I don't know what it says.

That's about all for now. We have plenty of magazines here so I think I'll read one.



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