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Letter to Mom and Dad [March 20, 1953]

Pvt. E. L. Pierzchalski US55263754
Hqtrs.Btry. 48 F.A.Bn.
A.P.O. #7

March 20, 1953

Dear Mom and Dad,

I received your letter of March 10 and Jan. 24. The Jan. 24 letter got lost in the mail and went to the 32nd Infantry somehow. I got it now.

It's a good thing you didn't write to San Francisco then. I never was there. We shipped from Seattle to Yokohama. We didn't go through much of Tokyo, only the outskirts, and that was at night. I was in Japan only 27 hours. I didn't see any of it. All I've seen in Korea is hills. There aren't any flat spots here. It's been raining for quite some time now. It gets warm in the afternoon, so now we have a stream running right through the center of our bunker.

We don't have houseboys anymore, so we're doing our own washing.

What day is Easter this year?

I also received a letter from Loretta, Ted and a girl from Kansas. Ted is in San Diego now. He said he has it pretty soft.

I got feeling pretty drunk last night. A buddy from Gary, Indiana left for home. He brought up 3 cases of beer.I drank nearly a case myself. I gave him my home address. He said he would drop in on you to tell you how I was getting along. So give him a few drinks for me.

As of yesterday, I have 4 rotation points for sure. 36 more to go. At 3 points a month I figure a point every 10 days.

I received the clippings you sent, and the calendar. I've got it hanging here in the CW truck.

I've been trying to decide what I'm going to do when I get out of the army. I'm going to see our Information and Education officer. The army has what they call U.S.A.F.I. course. (United States Armed Forces Information). This is a correspondence school. It only costs $2 to enroll. I'm going to see what type of courses they can offer. I don't have much time for it but I think I can make out. I'll let you know later.

I just called him on the phone. He says they teach practically every language and everything thinkable. But they don's have a course in Polish. I'm going to see him and sign for something the first chance I get.

I'll let you know in my next letter if possible.

P.S. I'm sending a package from Japanese cigarettes. I got it from a Korean soldier.



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