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Letter to Mom and Dad [Sept. 3, 1953]

Pvt. E. L. Pierzchalski US55263754
Hqtrs.Btry. 48 F.A.Bn.
A.P.O. #7

Sept. 3, 1953

Dear Mom and Dad,

Last night I got back from Japan. While I was gone I received five letters from home.

I had a wonderful time on R & R. I ate and drank plenty, maybe even too much. I spent two days in Nara City and five days in Kyoto.

I flew in a C-47 both ways. The truck ride from here to Seoul was sickening. It will take me a few days to rest up from my vacation.

Altogether, I have seventeen letters to answer today.

You're not kidding when you say Tommie is getting big. I won't recognize him when I get back. He looks like a real big leaguer.

You've got the wrong idea. We're only supporting the Marines. We're not with them. we're still in the Army and we still have the same commander etc.

My mouth waters when you write of having chicken breasts and legs for dinner. We moved back twenty five miles but we're still on the M.L.R. You see, the Marines have the only sector of the M.L.R. that's below the 38 th parallel. In our other position we were about 30 miles above it.

So Tommie has a 30 inch waist now? Well it's not much smaller than mine. We'll have to change his name to "Fatso".

Well, I'll sign off now. I'll start writing regularly now that I'm back from Japan.

P.S. I met a guy in Japan who owns a house at 244 Carol Street in Hammond.



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