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“The magnitude of it is beyond comprehension.” (Letter to Florence, Barbara, and Nancy, 6/14/1944)

   Ellsworth DeWitt Hill
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Ellsworth DeWitt Hill in uniform
War: World War, 1914-1918; World War, 1939-1945
Branch: Army
Unit: Civil Affairs Division; Headquarters Advance Section CZ G4
Service Location: Love Field, Dallas, Texas; also: England; Normandy, France
Rank: Major
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The success of the Normandy invasion depended on the efforts of soldiers, sailors, Coast Guardsmen—and engineers. As a petroleum engineer, Major Ellsworth Dewitt Hill (known to his family as Dewey) tackled the problem of supplying an overseas invasion of historic size with the necessary amount of gasoline. Arriving in Normandy with the first wave of the advance section, Hill’s letters and military papers convey the effect of D-Day on all who took part, no matter what their role. In a letter to his family dated June 16th, 1944, “What can be said now can hardly do justice to what happened.”

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 Creative Works
»"Good morning, he says!" Pencil drawing depicting Ellsworth Dewit Hill and another soldier conversing. Veteran is not identified. Artist unknown, referred to in a letter merely as "A sergeant.".
 Official Documents
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 Personal Correspondence
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 Other Materials
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 Official Documents (42 items)
Officer's pay data card [1942] Letter of commission [12/4/1942] Travel orders [3/31/1943]
Orders from the Office of the Commanding General Memo on reorganization and reassignment [4/13/1943] Letter to Admiral Calvin Durgin [6/21/1943]
Transcript of a telephone conversation [7/17/1943] Transcript of telephone conversation [7/28/1943] Transcript of telephone conversation [6/23/1943]
Memo from A. F. Carter to Admiral Durgin [7/24/1943] Letter of Appreciation [7/26/1943] Memo to Colonel I. K. Evans
Memo from Captain D. F. Gilbert [7/29/1943] Undated memo from Colonel I. K. Evans Memo from 1st Lt. Walter Swaybill [8/30/1943]
Memo from Colonel H. C. De la Bere [9/14/1943] Memo from Major General James A. Ulio, Adjutant General [10/29/1943] Memo from Lt. Col. H. W. McCobb [10/29/1943]
Announcement of temporary promotion [11/30/1943] Announcement of temporary promotion [11/30/1943] Request for a leave of four days [12/20/1943]
List of names of officers requesting leave of absence [12/23/1943] Information for officers newly arrived in London Movement Orders [1/21/1944]
Memo regarding leave of absence [1/25/1944] Medical certification [1/31/1944] Shipping ticket [1/31/1944]
Immunization waiver [1/31/1944] Medical certification [2/22/1944] Orders [3/1/1944]
Special Orders Number 33 [3/17/1944] Special Orders Number 46 [4/1/1944] Shipping ticket [4/22/1944]
Memo on instruction for movement [5/20/1944] Special Orders Number 56 [6/9/1944] Orders [9/22/1944]
Orders [9/26/1944] Orders [10/6/1944] Letter certifying the issuance of supplies [11/14/1944]
Military record and report of separation [3/11/1945] Essay: Military Pipeline System in France Third U.S. Army pamphlet Number 608-12, Survivor Assistance for Next of Kin of Deceased Retired personnel [8/22/1968]
 Personal Correspondence (19 items)
Letter to his family [3/3/1944] Letter to his family [3/12/1944] Letter to Florence [4/3/1944]
Letter to Florence [4/17/1944] Letter to Florence [4/23/1944] Letter to Barbara, Nancy, and Florence [5/1/1944]
Letter to Florence [5/21/1944] Letter to Florence, Barbara, and Nancy [6/14/1944] Letter to Florence [7/14/1944]
Letter to Florence [8/14/1944] Letter to Florence [8/24/1944] Letter to Florence [9/9/1944]
Letter to Florence [10/23/1944] Letter to Florence [10/31/1944] Letter to Florence [11/7/1944]
Letter to Florence [11/15/1944] Vmail from Florence [ 2/23/1944] Vmail from Dan A. Carroll [ 3/18/1944]
Vmail from Wally [4/2/1944]  
 Other Materials (7 items)
Newsclipping from "The Stars and Stripes": "Army Strains to Insure Front Gets its Gasoline--On Time" Newsclipping: "Pipelines Push 50 Miles a Day Toward Front" Notes from the diary of Gerhardt Hauptmann, 19 Neustrasse, Cologne, Germany. Wehrmacht SS 2749886
Breakfast menu for the Transport Ship Etolin [7/20/1943] Paper map case labeled "Secret." Contained the schematic for a "Minor DOL System" and a hand-drawn map of the Normandy , France area Schematic Minor DOL System [7/8/1944]
Hand-drawn map of Normandy  

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  October 26, 2011
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