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David Roy Ellis - Interview with David Roy Ellis: clip: In Baghdad from November until March; providing road security, performing raids (more like arrests); joke was that MP stood for Multi-Purpose; main reason they were in Baghdad was to run high-value detention facility; they would see people who were on the Deck of Cards, though he never saw a deck there; one of his parishioners back home who got one at a gas station as a promotion sent it to him; most of the leadership in Saddam's regime spoke very good English; worked with Tariq Aziz, who was a Chaldean Christian; Aziz showed him an annotated Bible he owned; they talked about the ancient history of Iraq; Aziz complained about the lack of heat in the "rooms;" Ellis said he had no heat in his room, Aziz comforted himself in the idea of shared sacrifice.
1:7:3 to 1:18:0 (10:57)