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"I’m sure it happens [on] every battlefield, it happens in every war, that we go beyond what we think is our potential." (Video interview, 1:10:16)

   Aida Nancy Sanchez
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Aida Sanchez in uniform [ca.1971]
War: Cold War; Vietnam War, 1961-1975
Branch: Army
Unit: 95th Evacuation Hospital (Physical Therapy)
Service Location: Brooke Army Medical Center, Fort Sam Houston, Texas; Fitzsimmons General Hospital, Denver, Colorado; Medical Army Hospital, Fort Bragg, North Carolina; Army Medical Center, Landstuhl, Germany; Andrew Rader Army Clinic, Arlington, Virginia; Letterman Army Medical Center, San Francisco, California; Tripler Army Medical Center, Hawaii; Rodriguez Army Hospital, San Juan, Puerto Rico; also: Da Nang, Vietnam; Dwight David Eisenhower Army Medical Center, Fort Gordon, Augusta, Georgia
Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
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In 1970, the Army sent Lieutenant Colonel Aida Nancy Sanchez to Vietnam to establish the first physical therapy clinic in an evacuation hospital. At the 95th Evac, she rehabilitated military and civilian patients, and assisted with triage, emergency nursing, and the identification of remains. The realities of war are ever-present in the 155 photographs in her collection, from portraits of her wearing a helmet and flak jacket, to a snapshot of a soldier who was killed during an attack on his jeep convoy, minutes after she took his picture.

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Becoming interested in physical therapy; training. (03:37) Arriving in Vietnam on Christmas Eve; meeting a young soldier. (02:32) First Christmas in Vietnam; living conditions; needing an MP escort when getting up at night. (02:21)
Treating Cambodian President Lon Nol; doing intelligence work for the American ambassador. (09:03) Memorable “dust off”; patient who was conscious; receiving body parts. (02:08) Parade for the dedication of the Vietnam Women’s Memorial; encountering two former patients who thanked her for her service. (03:46)
Encountering soldiers returning from the field, including one who was scheduled to return home soon; hearing an explosion and seeing casualties. (04:07)  
 Personal Correspondence (16 items)
Letter to Myrna [1/3/1971] Letter to Myrna [1/17/1971] Letter to Myrna [1/25/1971]
Letter to Myrna [1/31/1971] Letter to Myrna [2/15/1971] Letter to Myrna [3/7/1971]
Letter to Myrna [3/23/1971] Letter to Myrna [3/28/1971] Letter to Myrna [4/28/1971]
Letter to Myrna [5/1/1971] Letter to Myrna [5/17/1971] Letter to Myrna [7/4/1971]
Letter to Myrna [8/1/1971] Letter to Myrna [8/16/1971] Letter to Myrna [10/02/1971]
Letter to Myrna [10/31/1971]  

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  October 26, 2011
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