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"This is the unique ministry of the chaplaincy... When you become a chaplain, everybody in your outfit is your responsibility, regardless of their religion." (Video Interview, 1:00:46)

   Willard W. Bartlett
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Willard Bartlett [2005]
War: World War, 1939-1945; Korean War, 1950-1953; Vietnam War, 1961-1975
Branch: Merchant Marine; Navy; Marine Corps
Service Location: Atlantic; Pacific; Asia
Rank: Commander
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Willard Bartlett had a long career in the military, divided into two terms of service. As a teenager, he joined the Merchant Marines late in World War II. After the war, he finished his studies at the Merchant Marine Academy, sailed for a year, then decided to become a minister. After the Korean War began, he enlisted in the Navy as a chaplain instead of a seaman. He preached not only to his fellow Christians but also to Jews (though he once mistakenly put a cloth with a cross on it over his pulpit for a service). He even invited his ship's atheists to a meeting to compare beliefs. Bartlett was attached to a Marine Corps unit in Vietnam, where he had to answer the eternal question, "Hey Chaplain, did Jesus ever have to go to the bathroom?"

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Getting a job as a high school student during WWII on an ore boat on the Great Lakes, because he wanted to contribute to the effort; dealing with difficulties aboard ship; after he graduated in 1944, applying to the Merchant Marine Academy; learning to sleep in a hammock at sea; going through training in four months; proud of MM's policy of putting its cadets in harm's way during wartime. (05:10) In Gibraltar Harbor when news of V-E Day broke; about 40 ships were in the harbor; men broke into the pyrotechnic lockers to celebrate. (00:50) Story of brave Merchant Marine and his ship's encounter with German raider and supply ship during war; Germans demanded their surrender, but the captain and his men decided to fight; one cadet, Edwin O'Hara, took over the ship's gun after the crew was wiped out and took down the supply ship before his ship went down; some who survived the sinking told the story later. (01:50)
How he decided to become a minister; went to Colorado College in Colorado Springs and made Phi Beta Kappa; three years of ministry training; Korean War had started; Navy wanted to call him back and he finally resigned the Merchant Marine; two pieces of important advice he got from a chaplain. (04:35) Only student in chaplain school with prior military experience; assigned to ship carrying troops to Korea; telling captain that he could not be put on watch because it was against the Geneva Convention; he was a combination of Captains Queeg and Bligh; the man had not been to sea for ten years--assigned to embassy duty--and was unable emotionally to handle the responsibility; crew's revenge on him; captain's revenge on Bartlett, firing guns during one of his services; medical emergency in mid-ocean; medical evacuation plane flying to them, crashing, crew and doctor rescued. (09:43) Getting ready to sail from Seattle, a voyage that could span Jewish holidays, and he stocked supplies; had to be careful about advertising that wine was included in the service or he would have had mass conversions; Bartlett unwittingly putting a drape with a cross on it over his pulpit. (01:39)
Calling a meeting of atheists for a discussion; mess hall packed; asking if any Christians are present, and those who indicated they were were asked to leave; "the unique ministry of the chaplaincy," that everyone is your outfit is your responsibility, no matter their religion. (02:10) In Vietnam, young soldier snapping, entering a chapel and letting go with an M16, riddling corpsmen's quarters behind the chapel; no one was hurt; working to explain it in the aftermath: "Somebody was awfully mad at God;" Catholic chaplain putting up clever sign about "Eternal Life Insurance" to attract soldiers' attention; priest refusing to wear protection when flying in a chopper; out on patrol, Marine asking question about Jesus going to the bathroom, handling it with humor; coming on not like a clergy person but a human being. (04:17) Summing up his career in the service. (01:26)

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  October 26, 2011
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