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"The laying of this barrage has been the biggest thing the Navy has done, and the only offensive operation." (Letter to Parents, 11/19/1918)

   Lucius Byron Nash
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Lucius Nash aboard the USS Roanoke [1918]
War: World War, 1914-1918
Branch: Navy
Unit: USS Salem (CL 3); USS Roanoke
Service Location: Invergorden, Scotland; Atlantic
Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
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A Lieutenant Junior Grade in the Navy, Lucius Byron Nash served aboard the USS Roanoke, a minelayer responsible for distributing mines across the North Sea to deter German U-boats from attacking the Atlantic shipping lanes. As he describes in his letters home, it was often a dirty, grueling job, demanding twelve-hour shifts spent on deck in the pouring rain. Luckily, he was able to break the monotony by taking shore leave in London and Scotland. His correspondence, along with the accompanying photographs of the Roanoke loaded with mines, offers a peek into the role of the Navy in World War I, an often-verlooked aspect of the war.

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 Official Documents
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 Personal Correspondence
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 Official Documents (33 items)
Certificate promoting Lucius B. Nash to Lt. Junior Grade. [11/9/1918] Letter of recommendation for Nash from Assistant paymaster J.R. Frawley to Captain J.P. Parker [12/1/1917] Letter of certification of Navy service
Official document certifying Nash's acceptance of the office of Ensign in the U.S.N.R. Official letter providing Nash his active duty assignment [12/28/1917] Letter to Captain C.D. Stearns requesting assignment to the U.S.S. Roanoke
Letter to Professor J.D. Phillips [2/19/1918] Letter from C.D. Stearns concerning posting of men to the U.S.S. Roanoke [2/26/1918] Orders for Lucius B. Nash [3/2/1918]
Letter to Mr. Knowlton [6/11/1918] Special Emergency Ration Coupon book Instructions "in case of heavy fog drop"
Undated, handwritten note by C.D. Stearns with typed transcript Typewritten orders from C.D. Stearns [7/17/1918] Memo from R.R. Belknap [7/22/1918]
Memo from C.D. Stearns, Captain of the U.S.S. Roanoke [7/31/1918] Orders transferring Nash to the Naval Reserve [8/7/1918] Request for five days' leave [8/28/1918]
Memo concerning experimental sweeping in North Sea [9/20/1918] Memo in which the Commander Mine Force congratulates his men for a job well done [9/22/1918] Memo, provisional assignment of grade for L.B. Nash [11/9/1918]
Letter to Captain Belknap from H.R. Godfrey [11/13/1918] Letter to Captain Godfrey from R.R. Belknap [11/15/1918] Letter from C.D. Stearns to Ensign Lucius Nash [11/20/1918]
Speech of Admiral W.S. Sims to Mine Squadron One [12/12/1918] Certificate concerning Nash's authority to wear a War Service Chevron [12/25/1918] United State Railroad Administration Furlough Fare Certificate [1/13/1919]
Letter relieving Nash from active duty [1/16/1919] Letter relieving Nash from active duty [1/16/1919] Letter to Supply Officer from Nash [3/19/1919]
Chronology of activity for the U.S.S. Roanoke for the year 1918 Circular Letter No. 99 From Forece Commander to All Forces, Conduct of Officers while on shore. [September 24, 1918] Regimental/Unit History of the U.S.S. Roanoke.
 Personal Correspondence (34 items)
Letter to Parents [5/12/1918] Letter to "My Dear Friend" [5/12/1918] Telegram to Geo. J. Nash [5/21/1918]
Letter to Parents [5/22/1918] Letter to Parents [5/28/1918] Letter to Parents [6/6/1918]
Letter to Parents [6/13/1918] Letter to Parents [6/23/1918] Letter to Parents [6/30/1918]
Letter to Father [7/1/1918] Letter to Parents [7/7/1918] Letter to Parents [7/19/1918]
Letter to Parents [7/24/1918] Letter to Parents [8/2/1918] Letter to Parents [8/12/1918]
Letter to Parents [9/5/1918] Letter to Parents [9/6/1918] Letter to Parents [9/17/1918]
Letter to Parents [10/1/1918] Letter to Parents [10/12/1918] Letter to Parents [10/23/1918]
Letter to Parents [11/3/1918] Letter to Parents [11/10/1918] Letter to Parents [11/19/1918]
Letter to Parents [11/30/1918] Letter to Parents [12/8/1918] Letter to Parents [12/28/1918]
Telegram to George J. Nash [1/15/1919] Telegram to L.B. Nash [1/21/1919] Letter to Grandfather [11/25/1918]
Letter to Nash from "W. Durons [?]" [11/20/1918] Letter to "Mr. Nash" from "Eve Master [?]" [7/24 with no year given]] Invitation to a dance addressed to Lucius Nash [10/1918]
Postcard to Nash, picturing the Grand Hotel in Paris [1918]  
 Other Materials (17 items)
Poem, "T.N.T. For Kaiser Bill" Stationary in German Registration Form For Use in Hotels, Inns, Lodging-houses, etc.
Christmas and New Years Card from the U.S.S. Conyngham [1918] Pin: Farewell Dance by the Crew of the U.S.S. Ronaoke Pictorial Letter Card, Souvenir of Newcastle
Program of dances for the Farewell Dance aboard the U.S.S. Roanoke Program of dances for a Grand Ball aboard the U.S.S. San Francisco [2/18/1919] Boston Navy Yard Pass [3/1918]
Program of dance given by the British Royal Navy to their American Comrades [11/28/1918] Red tag labeled "Remove Before Submerging" Token with room number for hotel
Registration certificate Calling Card for Sub. Lt. C.M. Cross, R.N.V.R. [Royal Naval Reserve] Calling Card for Sub. Lt. Basil W. Hallwood, Royal Navy
Newspaper & Magazine Articles in Re-Mine Force, United States Atlantic Fleet U.S.S. Roanoke Wireless Press [October 10, 1918 

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