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"You have to be ready at any time, you have to be a chaplain every minute, because people will approach you, 24 hours, any time, no matter what you’re doing, in the military they know you’re a chaplain. So I came up with my own motto eventually, that I’m a chaplain every minute." (Audio Interview, 8:03)

   Mark Andrew Jumper
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War: Persian Gulf War, 1991
Branch: Navy
Unit: USS Leyte Gulf (CG 55)
Service Location: Asia; Africa; Middle East; Europe; Caribbean; Okinawa, Japan; Korea; National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, Maryland; Guam (Mariana Islands); Kuwait
Rank: Commander
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Mark Jumper was in seminary when he got a second calling, to join the Navy as a chaplain. He soon realized there was no time off for a military chaplain, who had to be prepared for consultation at any moment. During a desert training exercise, he pushed himself too hard and went down with heat stroke, depriving his men, as a senior chaplain reminded him, of his much-needed services during his recovery. Aboard ship during a threatened gas attack amid a shortage of masks, Jumper recalled the legendary Four Chaplains of WWII, who sacrificed their own lives to evacuate men from a sinking ship. Jumper also designed and implemented a Warrior Transition program for Marines looking to adjust to life after wartime.

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First experience ministering to a sailor took place in a restroom. (02:25) Overextended himself during a field exercise in the desert, and learned the importance of pacing himself. (01:14) During what was believed to be a gas attack, he was forced to consider whether and to whom to give up his gas mask. (02:35)
Confusion regarding the evening prayer while two Kurdish prisoners were detained on board. (04:03)  

Home » Mark Andrew Jumper
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  October 26, 2011
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