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"I had used up every bit of my ammunition. And I turned away, and at this point the Zeros found me." (Video interview, 17:11).

   Samuel B. Folsom
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Samuel Folsom in flight gear [n.d.]
War: World War, 1939-1945; Korean War, 1950-1953
Branch: Marine Corps
Unit: VMF-121 (Marine Fighter Squadron); VMF(N)-533 (Marine Night Fighter Squadron)
Service Location: Pacific Theater; Korea; Japan; Norway; United States; Guadalcanal (Solomon Islands); Okinawa Island (Ryukyu Islands); Enewetak Atoll (Marshall Islands)
Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
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Though he spent two years at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy training as a Merchant Marine, his enthusiasm for flying eventually brought Samuel Folsom to flight training and a commission with the Marine Corps. Dispatched overseas with very little flight time under his belt, and without any experience flying at altitude, his first combat missions were white-knuckle affairs. As part of famed Marine Fighter Squadron VMF-121, he experienced a number of close calls and memorable actions that took place during his missions to shoot down the enemy’s "Betty" planes. The Guadalcanal campaign was the beginning of a notable military career for Folsom, including (among many roles) stints as the Executive Officer for night fighter squadrons during World War II and Korea, as a test pilot for the Navy, as the Fleet Air Readiness Officer in the Office of Naval Operations in Washington, and as the Assistant Naval Attaché to Norway.

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»Memoir, untitled [2/13/1943]
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Transition from Maritime Academy and Naval Reserve to Marine Corps; training. (02:31) Limits of training; not getting enough time in an airplane; no experience wearing an oxygen mask or flying above 12 thousand feet. (02:17) Heading to Guadalcanal; memorable experience with a catapult; living in tents in the mud. (02:53)
First experiences in combat; inexperience at altitude; guns wouldn’t fire. (02:12) Main goals of combat missions; losing pilots in unit. (00:58) Close call being chased by a Japanese zero at low altitude; shooting down an enemy plane. (02:58)
Mission that resulted in damage to plane; having to land while missing a flap. (05:31) Memorable experience while on Okinawa; seeing an enemy plane fly into the smokestack of the USS New Mexico. (02:53) Experiences as a test pilot; flying at high altitude. (01:33)
Experiences flying with a night fighter squadron in the Korean War; Battle of Chosin Reservoir. (05:43)  

Home » Samuel B. Folsom
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  October 26, 2011
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