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"I had the best job in the world. Because everybody knew if you were a jock in Special Service in the Army, I was living like a regular civilian" (video interview, 00:10:17.0).

   Daniel Wallace Callaway
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Daniel Callaway at time of interview
War: Cold War
Branch: Army
Unit: Special Services, 7th Army
Service Location: Germany
Rank: Private First Class
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In 1957, Daniel Callaway had just been signed to play baseball for the Pittsburgh Pirates when he was injured in spring training and his pro sport career abruptly ended. Drafted into the Army in 1961, basic training convinced him that he was ill-suited for a career in the Army, until one day his commander discovered he had also been a golf instructor in civilian life. Suddenly Callaway found himself assisting the officers on base in how to improve their golf game, and as a result, his own lot in life improved as well. Deployed to Germany at the time of the Berlin Crisis, Callaway was assigned to Army Special Services, where he became the first Black manager of the 7th Army Sports Command baseball team in 1963.

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Basic training worst experience of his life; racism experienced while off base. (01:09) AIT at Ft. Chaffee, Arkansas; made a golf instructor to the officers on base. (00:34) Wanted to be deployed somewhere warm; was sent to Germany; first Black manager of the 7th Army Sports Command baseball team in 1963. (02:33)
Best job in the world; lived like a civilian; had the ability to write passes. (02:32) KP duty anecdote; racism experienced while in Arkansas. (02:35) No problems with racism on the sports teams; camaraderie. (02:22)
Berlin Crisis (01:10) Groupies followed the ball players; anger at player behavior; (00:42) Looked out for his men; end of service on 21st Nov., 1963; Kennedy assassinated the next day. (01:50)

Home » Daniel Wallace Callaway
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  October 26, 2011
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