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"I never was so scared in my life---BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! You could feel the ground move, you know?" (Video interview, 22:03)

   Normand Henry Carleton
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Normand Henry Carleton, Metz, France [6/10/1945]
War: World War, 1939-1945
Branch: Army
Unit: 423rd Armored Field Artillery Battalion, 10th Armored Division
Service Location: Fort Benning, Georgia; Camp Gordon, Georgia; European Theater
Rank: Technician Five
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Poised to marry his sweetheart, Lora, in 1942, Normand Carleton was told by the Army that his chances of being drafted were slim (thanks to his poor eyesight), and thus he and Lora decided to risk tying the knot during wartime. Two months after they were married, he was called up. Serving with a tank battalion in the European Theater, Carleton used the long nights he spent on radio duty to keep a daily journal, and also to illustrate the envelopes of the letters that he sent to Lora. The funny and poignant sketches surely brought a smile to her face, and may have eased the pain of the newlyweds’ nearly two year separation.

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 Video (Interview Excerpts) (3 items)
Deciding to get married; promised by Army that he wouldn’t be drafted due to poor vision; eventually, passing a physical and entering the service. (01:02) Landing in France; encountering first a neighbor from back home and then his brother. (04:34) Serving as a driver and radio operator in a tank; keeping a diary while on radio duty at night; a near miss. (01:50)
 Official Documents (13 items)
Draft card for Normand Henry Carleton [1942] Notice mailed to Lora Carleton that her husband, Normand, had arrived at Fort Benning, GA [12/12/1942] Special orders #12, granting Officers a leave of absence [2/19/1943]
Special Orders #12 granting Marksmanship Awards [2/19/1943] Furlough for Normand H. Carleton [May 13, 14 1944] Change of address postcard for Normand Carleton
Special Orders #131 Special Orders #55 "Tiger's tale", newspaper of the 10th Armored Division, Camp Gordon, GA [2/25/1944]
List of members of the 10th Armored Division Roster of Headquarters and HQ Battery Soldier's Individual Pay Record for Normand Carleton
Commendation [3/5/1945]  
 Personal Correspondence (3 items)
Telegram informing Lora Carleton that her husband, Normand, had arrived in Le Havre [12/18/1945] V-mail wishing Lora Carleton a Merry Christmas [12/26/1945] Telegram informing Lora Carleton that her husband. Normand, had arrived in Camp Kilmer, NJ [1/5/1946]
 Other Materials (7 items)
Christmas dinner menu [1942] Fort Benning Army pennant, with advertisement for Fokes Drug Co. U.S. Army Paris Guide for Leave Troops
Thanksgiving dinner menu, 10th Armored Division Transcript of a radio broadcast [11/30/1944] Prescription for eyeglasses [5/16/1945]
Photo magazine of Fort Benning, Georgia, "A Camera Trip Through Ft. Benning."  

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