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   Frank Hamilton Morrison, II
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[Detail] Formal military portrait of Frank H. Morrison
War: World War, 1939-1945
Branch: Army
Unit: Judge Advocate General's (JAG) Office
Service Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan; Camp Van Dorn, Mississippi; Philippines; Japan; Pacific Theater
Rank: Captain
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The end of the war brought a reckoning of the atrocities committed during it, and war crimes trials in Germany and Japan stood front and center in this process. A Captain in the Judge Advocate General’s (JAG) Office, Frank Hamilton Morrison II assisted in prosecuting war criminals accused of mistreating prisoners of war (POWs) in the Pacific Theater. The military papers included in his collection--trial reports, questionnaires given to former POWs to document their experiences, a statement from an accused war criminal--provide a glimpse into the administrative end of war crimes trials, and the vast amount of research and documentation that went into these trials. The photographs in Morrison’s collection depict not only his time in the courtroom, but also his daily life while stationed in Tokyo, his travels through post-war Japan, and his interactions with Japanese civilians.

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 Official Documents
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 Personal Correspondence
»Letter to veteran from Marcel Pellerin in Kobe, Japan and "souvenir" of Japanese paper with "family greetings printed" on it
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 Official Documents (41 items)
Note from the war crimes trials, U.S. vs. Yuhichi Sakamoto [2/25/1946] Memo presenting Captain Frank Morrison with the Bronze Star Form letter from President Roosevelt to newly inducted soldiers in the United States Army
Photostat copy of a letter from the Secretary of State advising he has had word from Tokyo that Japan will respect the Geneva Convention in regards to the treatment of American POWs. [2/4/1942] Record of a telephone conversation [9/7/1945] Order from General Headquarters, United States Army Forces, Pacific
Memo regarding procedure in the matter of cumulative testimony [9/7/1945] Fragment of notes [undated] Memo to Captain Morrison outlining his responsibilities as Acting Chief of Investigating Teams at the 29th Replacement Depot [9/5/1945]
Memo to Team Supervisors [9/5/1945] Order to officers and enlisted men [9/11/1945] Order to civilian employees of the 29th Replacement Depo [9/4/1945]
Orders to the Chief War Crimes Investigating Det AFPAC [9/7/1945] Sample Daily Report Form, 29th Replacement Depot, 61st battalion [9/12/1945] Organizational set up of returnee interrogation group, war crimes detachment, office of the Staff Judge Advocate [9/13/1945]
Carbon copy of a document, "Allied War Crimes Interrogation", outlining the officers in charge and their responsibilities Order to Officers involved in the War Crimes Investigating Det APO 500 [9/4/1945] Notice of move of specified Officers to the 29th Replacement Depot for the interrogation of Allied Prisoners of War and internees. [9/4/1945]
Advice to officers transferred to the 29th Replacement Depot for the interrogation of Allied Prisoners of War and Internees [ca. 9/1945] Notice that the specified men have been placed on temporary duty with the 29th Replacement Depot [9/4/1945] Memo to Maj. Kenneth G. Schwarz from Frank H. Morrison II [9/8/1945]
Memo presenting Captain Frank Morrison with the Bronze Star General orders #231 listing Frank Morrison among others as the recipient of a Bronze Star medal Permit for official visits to Sugamo and Omori Prisons [12/1945]
Report on the trial of Yuhichi Sakamoto [Feb. 1946] To-do list and list of responsibilities Memo regarding the taking of depositions and interrogation of recovered personnel [9/13/1945]
List of duties and responsibilities for various members of the War Crimes office [9/8/1945] Blank questionairre for POWs or Internees Allied War Crimes Interrogation list of officers and duties, with handwritten notes
List of civilian reporters, U.S. Naval personnel and assorted other people involved in the War Crimes trials in Japan Photostat copy of the letter sent to Japan via Switzerland requesting the Japanese government follow the Geneva Convention in the treatment of prisoners of war [Dec. 18, 1941] Indictment against Yuhichi Sakamoto [Dec. 1945]
Blank afidavit form Statement of Accused in the trial of Yuhichi Sakamoto War Crimes Office Indoctrination Course, interrogation of witnesses and suspects
Memo: "Outline of Procedure for Trial of Accused War Criminals" War Crimes Office Indoctrination Course, outline of investigative methods and techniques Memo: "Rules of Procedures and Outline of Procedure for Trials of Accused War Criminals
Article on the Army Court-Martial system by Col. Archibald King of the Judge Advocate General's Department Camp Regulations for Camp Van Dorn, Mississippi [10/15/1944] 
 Other Materials (4 items)
Illustration of the "Head Office, Tokyo" Postcard depicting the business center of 1946 Tokyo Postcard depicting the Kyoto Hotel, Kyoto, Japan
List of captions to photos used at the War Crimes Trials for the Pacific Theater  

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  October 26, 2011
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